Data is everywhere. We make it work your way.

In a modern manufacturing environment data is an underutilised resource. If you want to apply its hidden value, Proekspert’s data scientists can leverage it to make a more significant business impact.

Our team of scientists craft tailor-made solutions that support your organisation at its current state without the need to invest heavily in Industry 4.0 technologies.

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Proekspert’s tiered approach helps clients employ their Data and Information Assets faster


Utilizing the latest automated data science, data mining & machine learning techniques, we locate the often hidden issues that matter in your data.


Applying cutting-edge cost & artificial intelligence techniques, we quantify the actual value of improving your organization’s information capability.


By focusing on discrete optimization and system simulations, we help you undertake meaningful and practical steps with an absolute return on investment.

Boost your business impact with a data science solution

Proekspert has a passionate data science team focusing on optimizing discrete manufacturing and controlling smart devices. Our focus areas are processed mining and intelligent manufacturing with excursions to smart logistics and smart environments. Unlocking the hidden potential of data will provide you additional resources and perspectives to optimize your operations and processes. Data, that is already present in your production, will  contribute substance to re-think your business models. For example, a two-week data science sprint can provide you with a repeatable prototype to fine tune the cycle times of your manufacturing operation, or predict post-sales customer reclaims. We offer end-to-end solutions, including data warehousing, data visualization and reporting, AI-enhanced control systems, anomaly and fault detection, diagnostic suggestions, automated equipment configurations, predictive maintenance, marketing automation, recommendation engines, credit scoring, and fraud detection. The trend of adopting data science into business shows no signs of stopping in the coming decades. Let’s work together to give your company a head start on this exciting journey.

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Data Science Lead and Partner
Phone: +372 5663 0316

"Proekspert team’s understanding of complex manufacturing environments and ability to deliver solutions that can be implemented fast has been one of the key elements in having world class manufacturing at Enics and pushing for new boundaries."

Kaur Andresson
Vice President, Processes and Information Management, Enics Group

"Fantastic team with innovative ideas and rapid execution!"

Ramesh Krishnan
CEO & Chairman, R&M Group, Germany

"The Yoshi – Operator Interface increased engagement of shop floor operators by 100%."

Ingvar Kuusk
CEO, Oshino Electronics Estonia

"Proekspert helped us formulate our purpose statement. Positive feedback on the international level was immediate."

Raul Lättemägi
CEO, Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS

Have a data science challenge? Let us evaluate it

Duration: 2 weeks

Price: €7,500

Proekspert is adept at making data work, your way.

Why not let our data scientists evaluate your business potential? We’ll formulate a report with proven data science solutions that will digitally transform your business, using data-centric models.

The report will include:

  • An assessment of current data maturity levels
  • Recommendations for improvement and why
  • A roadmap for development
  • A clear definition of how to implement data-centric solutions

Customers who trust Proekspert’s methodologies

Competencies we use for Data Science

Data mining, process miningData governanceData visualization and reportingPredictive analytics for operations and maintenanceAdvanced planning and decision support throughMachine learningArtificial intelligenceDiscrete optimizationSystem simulations

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