Business Unit Lead

Proekspert develops custom software for smart device manufacturers. We build world-changing solutions by combining data science and product development expertise with a design thinking approach.

Always more than just a software company, we have worked on clever machines and industrial automation, smart screws, production lines, complex device integrations, banking backbones, and management automatics: in short, advancing the new industrial revolution. Our code makes elevators move and heating systems run. Our software helps to grow useful bacteria, and make business decisions. It can analyze satellite images and is used to provide self-service to millions of people.

As a Unit Lead for Digital Services, you will be responsible for driving the success of your business unit by focusing on key metrics such as revenue growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction. We seek a strategic leader who can lead a high-performing unit, drive business development, and contribute to Proekspert’s success.

Ownership and Performance:

  • Take complete ownership of the business unit, overseeing coordination and execution.
  • Drive business unit outcomes, focusing on revenue growth, profit growth, and overall profitability.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with business unit services.

Strategic Leadership:

  • Define and communicate the business unit’s vision, goals, and plans aligned with the company strategy.
  • Build and advance relationships with clients, influencers, and key stakeholders.
  • Align and execute business unit plans with the team.

Business Development:

  • Enhance existing business models and identify new opportunities for growth and profitability.
  • Develop and advance the business unit’s value propositions, offerings, services, and solutions.
  • Explore new business opportunities with existing and new customers


  • Proven experience in business unit management or a similar leadership role.
  • Experience in software development/IT consulting business.
  • Strong strategic thinking and business development skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to build and maintain effective relationships with clients and stakeholders.
  • Experience in budgeting and financial management.
  • Innovative mindset and a commitment to continuous improvement.



We value individual freedom, decision-making and proactiveness. In our self-organising and supportive work environment, teamwork is of the utmost importance. 

What we offer:

  • Interesting, steady work. Our projects have a positive impact on people and the world. 
  • We value the well-being of our people and their families. 
  • Inspiring community and teams, who support and mentor you. 
  • An exciting benefits package, including a personal growth budget and profit-sharing. 
  • A motivational program and competitive salary.
  • Working hours: Full-time
  • Location: Estonia

Personalized well-being support

We’re a caring and family-friendly company

We pay a lot of attention to our employees’ well-being and help them in their self-development. Our coaches support personal journeys. Everyone at Proekspert has a yearly personal self-development budget, and we offer health support and psychological counseling that extends to our employees’ families, too.

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