In times of change, you need new alternatives and fresh ideas.

Design thinking explores new opportunities for your business, and produces more effective possibilities for the future.

Service design is successful because it focuses on the needs of users; it’s about understanding the context and culture of the stakeholders involved. Ultimately, it encourages innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

Proekspert helps you build people-centered services and products using a design thinking approach. With the help of our design team, you will see challenges from a different perspective, develop services and implement improvements that fulfill your business needs, and deliver a better customer experience.


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Storyboards
  • Design workshops
  • GV design sprint
  • Innovation workshops
  • User interviews
  • Live prototypes
  • Personas

Change the way you tackle problems, and go beyond what your customers think they need. Let’s reinvent your service together.

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