Mobile app for homeowners to control their heat pumps

We created a modern mobile app that enables end users to access and modify their heat pump settings via the cloud

Client challenge

Homeowners expect to monitor and control their heat pumps remotely over a mobile app.

The goal is to provide end users extended functionality and insight through the mobile app, in addition to what the device already offers.

Solution at a glance

We created a modern mobile app that enables end users to access and modify their heat pump settings via the cloud.

  • Native apps on iOS and Android control heat pumps in a variety of locations via cloud.
  • User can remotely change their home heating temperatures and other functionalities, including time-based configurations.
  • SSDP and mDNS protocols find the heating devices from the home network, registering these to the cloud.
  • The app communicates with devices over the internet.
  • All updates and changes made in the device appear immediately in the app, which uses the websocket for cloud-side communication.
  • Reusable code library for future product development.

Project duration

Beginning of 2022 — present


Native Mobile apps: Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. REST APIs, Websocket, JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol, SSDP and mDNS protocol


Expanded functionalities of heat pump hardware that were not possible by just using hardware; the home climate is managed remotely from anywhere.

Home-owners can manage different heat-pumps and other HVAC devices around multiple locations through the same app.

Considering the customer’s need to add new devices and smart services in the future, the app architecture is structured in such a way that adding support for new devices to the app is a fast and straightforward process for app developers.

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