Case study Digitale Dienste

From legacy labyrinth to modern marvel

The solution involved replacing the entire core information system with a new platform built on modern technologies.


CV-Online is an internet recruitment company, established in 1996 in Estonia and extended to Latvia and Lithuania in 1999.


ReactJS, NextJS, Java, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Docker, Elasticsearch, Kibana

Project duration


Client challenge

The client’s core information system had limitations in flexibility and scalability due to monolithic architecture and a complex codebase. Database decay, including deficiencies in relations and duplicate data, further hindered the system’s efficiency. The goal was to replace the outdated system with a modern platform to enhance flexibility, scalability, and provide a foundation for business growth.

Solution at-a-glance

The solution involved replacing the entire core information system with a new platform built on modern technologies. The new architecture and technical stack were designed based on results from a business discovery phase. Legacy data was migrated to the new platform, necessitating careful consideration for data model compatibility. 

A phased approach was taken, with legacy and new systems coexisting during the development of the new minimum viable product. The new platform was designed using microservices, with three dedicated to legacy data, and data migration automated for efficiency.


Improved system architecture

The outdated monolithic architecture was replaced with a modern platform built on microservices, enhancing flexibility, and scalability.

Successful data migration

Around twenty data migration flows were developed and optimized, ensuring the smooth transition of data from the legacy system to the new platform.

Phased go-live approach

The final go-lives for different domains (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) occurred at three-month intervals, allowing improvements based on the performance of previous migrations and ensuring a smooth transition for users.

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