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Factory automation tool Yoshi raises operator engagement and shop-floor efficiency

Skills and services Proekspert provided

  • Analysis, UX/UI design, ERP integration and software development: MS SQL, Azure, ASP.NET, ERP-integration, Angular
  • As a service: Analysis, UX/UI design, ERP-integration and software development
  • To ensure quality: Unit testing, manual testing

Client challenge

OSHINO Electronics Estonia, a full-service electronics contract manufacturing company, was looking for a way to increase its electronics assembly efficiency, one that would also motivate its operators to improve teamwork.

Solution at a glance

By combining OSHINO’s electronics assembly manufacturing experience and Proekspert’s software design and development skills, the software tool Yoshi was created.

Yoshi enables:

  • Real-time monitoring of current performance 
  • Visualization of data and comparison to company averages, anonymous leaderboards, and personalized reviews
  • Detailed insights into performance metrics
  • Error occurrence logs 
  • Product assembly times


Increased employee engagement and shop-floor efficiency

1. The tool increased the engagement of shop floor operators by 100%.

2. The ability to self-organize increased.

3. Operators may now start and report their work with minimal interaction required (without extensive reporting and/or paper pushing).

Enhanced operational efficiency

The tool automated the planning, operating, and reporting by making all operations entirely paperless.

Improved predictive capabilities and error prevention

1. Planning- and resource allocation capabilities increased tens of times.

2. Production managers may identify recurring production errors within manufacturing shifts.

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