Cloud migration for a global partner

Cloud migration brings lean processes and service scalability

Proekspert delivered a full, cloud-based software solution that contributed to a single platform allowing sharable and reusable components and service scalability.

A heating system control application for a global partner

A leading player in home heating needed a strategic partner to help optimize and improve the control and monitoring of remote ground-source heat pumps. This included an update of both the frontend- and backend environments plus migration to the cloud.

Real-world units and inevitable challenges

Stability and performance were the customer’s priorities. Redesigning and implementing a solution based on outdated and non-scalable code under a tight schedule was a challenge.

The customer sought a strategic partner to build an online platform, not only for existing products, but for new ones as well. Proekspert was trusted to build and develop the full architecture and software solution based on a cloud setup, enabling efficient project implementation and lean processes.

The cloud is the limit

As part of the continued innovation which has been the backbone of the customer’s business for over 50 years, moving the online system to the cloud was a natural next step. This brought not only scalability, but also flexibility and stability. The online solution, together with the mobile application, allowed end-users to control their heat pump from anywhere. Meanwhile, installers can now monitor and troubleshoot issues on the go, and the customer may use collected data to develop better and more energy-efficient products.

Proekspert delivered a full software solution that contributed to the single platform allowing sharable and reusable components and service scalability.

A customer-facing product: a clean, crisp, and clear design

Our team began by analyzing the existing solution, mapping user groups to better understand needs. The solution was divided into two main areas; UI/UX and migration of the solution to the cloud.

The Proekspert Design Team reviewed the existing UI and created a brand-new digital style guide, giving a more modern and up-to-date look and feel. The goal was not only to redesign, but to improve the product substantially.

Design drives brand recognition

The new digital style guide we developed took inspiration from the colors, fonts, and logo of the customer’s brand. The goal was not just to change visuals, but to allow flexibility for quick updates. The new design is clean, intuitive, and user friendly, and has proven to deliver a much better user experience.

Proekspert changed the game by rebuilding the non-scalable architecture and inefficient software component. Functionalities were moved one by one to the cloud while refactoring huge inefficiencies. Proekspert provided Azure cloud hosting and moved all data servers to the cloud. The solution is scalable, stable, and is enjoying significant growth in usage.

Results: Added value from an added service

  • Savings thanks to heat pumps is well documented, but Proekspert created a way for users to optimize unit efficiency. Significant savings were had by examining how a system runs and making changes to the configuration.
  • End users expect a heat map to work flawlessly and, if a problem arises, that action is taken quickly. Proekspert built the online monitoring tool to enable timely action, a critical part of the service for end users, making heat pumps a service as routine as water or electricity.
  • Even if not all users use the online solution, many are happy to know they have a trusted option available. The client is now focused on building new products, instead of servicing the existing system – all at much lower costs.

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