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Payment systems solutions

Proekspert has developed payment solutions and integrations for banks and big retail store chains

Device security

Cloud connectivity

Apps and portals

Our payment solutions are certified by the authorities in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Estonia.

Payment system solutions

Smart wallet support

If you are a bank or a financial service provider, we’ve developed card provisioning services for digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more). Our solutions integrate directly with Mastercard services, without the need for third-party components.

  • Card provisioning services for digital wallets

Solutions for merchants

If you are a merchant, we’ve developed payment gateways that handle online and offline transactions (including specialized transactions for car rental, hotels, restaurants, public transportation, etc.) Developed localized applications for POS terminals. We integrate payment systems like bank links, FastSpring, Cloudmore, Everypay, Paysera, and many others.

  • Mass transit payment systems (PCI certified)
  • EMV payment gateway for merchants (PCI certified)
  • Integration with ticketing systems, point of sale, payment terminals, banks, credit card companies, and payment brokers.
  • EMV payment applications (PCI certified) for payment terminals like Ingenico

Solutions for card issuers

For card-issuing banks or financial institutions, we’ve developed solutions for card payment authorization, card issuing and personalization, card management, clearing, and settlement.

  • Java Card application for adding custom payment solutions for existing NFC card chips
  • Card issuing solutions for banks (card issuers)
  • Card payments authorization and clearing service for issuers (PCI certified)
  • Contactless payment with mobile devices (smartphones, watches etc)

Solutions for Acquirers

For banks with merchant accounts, we’ve developed solutions for the management of POS terminals and terminal parameters, processing of payment messages, and implementation of recurring payments.

  • Card payment authorization and clearing service for acquirers (PCI certified)
  • Contactless payment with mobile devices (smartphones, watches, etc.)

All debit and credit card payment solutions have passed PCI DSS certification. Most systems are used locally in Estonia or on a pan-Nordic basis. We have experience in integrating merchant systems to Nets (in Estonia and Finland), Swedbank, and BankAxept. 

Our projects usually are customized according to the customer’s business needs and existing ecosystem, while following strict industry standards (e.g., those of Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

Key benefits

We deliver all of the following in the rapidly evolving field of digital payments:

Standardized and certified payment solutions

Top level security and convenience

High availability (24/7) in environments

Whatever your role in domain of payments, we’ve got the experience to help

Proekspert has experience that covers the entire domain of payment solutions. We know all the actors, from card holders, to merchants, to payment service providers, to acquirers and issuers. We know how to integrate payment services, bank APIs, blocklist services, AML, KYC, and fraud detection services.

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Proekspert has comprehensive expertise that covers the whole domain of payment solutions. For 30 years we have helped our clients develop custom solutions.

If you’re looking for an experienced payment solutions development partner to improve your business, feel free to contact us.

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