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Satellite-based house roof detection and measurement solution

Detect and measure building roofs anywhere in the world

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Proekspert develops remote sensing solutions to detect and measure building roofs to get difficult roof measures easily.

Using remote sensing for roof measurements reduces costs and time significantly compared to traditional measuring methods.

About THOR

The main objective of the Roof Solar Panel Calculator (a.k.a. THOR – Tellurian Holistic Object Recognition) is to automate the process of selecting a building’s roof as a candidate for the installation of solar panels or integrated solar roofs and to estimate associated costs. Before making an investment decision for the installation of roof-mounted solar panels, homeowners are normally interested in the cost and return on investment. Until now, this process has been slow and not user-friendly.

The process normally involves the following steps:

Measure the roof

Calculate the pitch of the roof (where applicable)

Find directions of roof faces

Calculate solar power production based on roof size and orientation

Since the process is manual, it is expensive and time consuming. This results in customers discontinuing the process and the manufacturer losing a potential sale.

THOR mitigates this problem by making roof information available to homeowners and solar roof providers with just a few clicks in a web application.

Added Value from Space Technology

THOR uses satellite images to identify buildings and calculate roof face size. By using satellite images, the system can be applied quickly to any country or region in the world. With other techniques (e.g., LIDAR), accessibility of raw data varies between countries and regions, meaning data is not universally available. Satellite images are becoming universally available for entire world and are available at relatively low cost. Depending on the level of desired accuracy, it is possible to use cheaper- and lower-quality images to reduce the costs of data sets.

Potential power production

Roof orientation, tilt & size

Global coverage

How it works

THOR offers a way to automatically generate information about:

Roof size

Roof geometry and measurements

Roof pitch

Solar panel production depends on panels’ angle to sun

Roof orientation

Solar panel production depends on the optimal panel direction


A calculator estimates approximate solar power production for a roof considering properties of the roof as well as local weather.

With quick and timely information provided by THOR, it is easy to calculate both investment size and return on investment.

Users and their needs

There are two main groups who can benefit most from THOR:

Solar roof providers and manufacturers

THOR simplifies their sales process and provides roof information faster


THOR instantly provides a rough estimate of the investment required

In principle, THOR is scalable for worldwide use since we use publicly available satellite imagery as a basis for analysis and calculations. Initially, the service and resulting data is available for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Scandinavia. Data may be prepared and calculated for other regions upon request.

Service concept

THOR processes satellite imagery, along with other geographical data, to identify individual buildings and each roof segment of the building. For each roof face, the rough shape, area, azimuth, and pitch are calculated using dedicated machine learning models. The system also predicts the solar power production potential for each roof using defined parameters.

Since satellite imagery is updated quite frequently and has global coverage, THOR stays up to date and scales better than solutions which use data sources that are less frequently updated or gathered in a standardised way.

As a deployed service, THOR provides users with a simple and intuitive GUI that offers the following functionality:

  • Searching buildings by address
  • Visualizing roof faces
  • Manual adjustment (if needed)
  • Estimating which solar power-producing roof solution is the most reasonable based on:
    • Power generation
    • Yearly production
    • Installation cost
    • Return on investment
    • Payback period

For solar roof manufacturers and installers, THOR may be integrated into existing sales pipelines such as e-commerce platforms, manufacturing, scheduling and logistics information systems.


“As an integrated solar roof manufacturer, we’ve always struggled with the cumbersome process of obtaining precise roof measurements. This process used to be a significant hurdle in our sales pipeline, causing unnecessary delays and impacting our customer satisfaction levels. 

The introduction of the AI-based remote measurement solution was a game-changer for us. The solution’s ability to capture roof measures within seconds, with reasonable accuracy, has revolutionized our sales process. We can now provide quotes faster, plan our installations more effectively, and ultimately serve our customers better. The impact on our lead conversion has been outstanding. Since employing this solution, our turn rate has skyrocketed to an impressive 60-99%.”

Silver Aednik, Solarstone, CEO

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