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Every business is a business of data analytics

Many companies want to drive data-centric transformations of their businesses. But most struggle to connect the dots. It’s not technology that holds companies back, but rather a lack of understanding of how it is important for people, processes, and technology to be aligned. Without proper processes, people can be ineffective and technology may fail.

Any business can use data to make better decisions. Proekspert helps transform your data into actionable and relevant insight.

How we help

Proekspert business analytics

Business intelligence and data analytics

Proekspert business intelligence and data analytics services help you to transform data into actionable and relevant insights. This enables informed strategic decisions, improved operational efficiency, and business productivity.

  • Business requirements and goals definition
  • Data visualization and dashboards
  • Implementation of BI tools and methodologies
  • Descriptive and predictive analytics
  • Data literacy consulting
  • Knowledge discovery

Advanced analytics and machine learning

With advanced analytics, we assemble data in a novel manner and find patterns a human could never hope to identify. This enables you to map and discover patterns that may currently be hidden.

  • Rapid validation and feasibility assessment
  • Applied research and development
  • Algorithm development
  • Data modeling
  • Advanced business analytics and reporting

Data infrastructure

We help you govern, process, store, transfer, and secure data, so your business can gain real value. This is the essential aspect of data processing and analysis.

  • Data warehouse architecture and development
  • Data governance and quality
  • Performance tuning and maintenance
  • Data sourcing and retrieval
  • High availability, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Data cleansing and transformation
  • Data warehouse upgrades and migrations

BI and data warehouse modernization

Through data warehouse (DWH) migrations to new cloud-based BI and data warehouse solutions, we help you accommodate evolving business requirements by re-using former investments in data warehouse content and your legacy installations.

  • Hybrid deployment for an enterprise DWH
  • Self-service BI and data preparation solutions
  • Expanding the BI environment to include analytical sandboxes or data science
  • Eliminating data shadow IT systems

Proekspert BI and data analytics services tech stack

Proekspert’s BI team is an interdisciplinary team whose passion is BI. They are focused on modern cloud technologies, but their experience includes on-premise Microsoft BI, SAP BusinessObjects and Oracle, Azure, AWS, Databricks, Snowflake, dbt, DataOps, Data Vault and, of course, industry-standard front-end tools like Power BI and Tableau.

How we work

Proekspert advanced data analytics and business intelligence services share a common aim: confident decision making on every level of your organization.

We help you clarify your company’s business intelligence goals and vision, assess requirements, and determine the next steps to move confidently into the future.

Clarify business needs

Together we assess the BI situation and processes. You get realistic expectations of what BI can do. The project is begun only if real business value can be created.

Technology evaluation

We evaluate your current BI stack based on your requirements and provide an unbiased recommendation for an optimal toolset. This enables more confidence in future BI investments.

Implementation strategy

We define clear roles and responsibilities and a roadmap for sustainable implementation. This enables faster time to value, quick adaptation to business changes, and increased data literacy in your organization.

Incremental value delivery

We use rapid prototyping. With fast time to value in mind, we incrementally build a data management and analytics ecosystem that can support rapidly changing business and data needs.

What is business intelligence and data analytics?

Both business intelligence and data analytics are data management solutions. Enterprises and companies accumulate historical and present data while using statistics and software to analyze this raw information.

This raw data can then be utilized and deliver insights for creating business intelligence solutions, thus making better future decisions.

Both terms provide demonstrable insights into a company’s business operational processes. Although both impact future decision-making, they are different in how the data is used and what precise information they provide for a business to use.

Business intelligence – concerns with what happened in the past and how this happened leading up to the present moment. Business intelligence analytics identifies significant patterns and trends without delving too much into the why’s or predicting the future.

Business data analytics – concerns with the why, as in why did this data occur in the past? Business analytics examine causality and the contributing factors of the data received. Analytics utilizes these why’s to make precise predictions of what will occur in the future.

Using business data analytics

Business data analytics is a method employing a distinct set of techniques, competencies, and procedures. Applying these aspects permits continuous exploration, iteration, and investigation of past and current business data analytics. Business organizations of all sizes can make improved decision-making by obtaining insights.

Data scientists and analysts use business intelligence analytics techniques in their research, creating business intelligence solutions for companies.

Business intelligence analytics help organizations better understand their customers, evaluate their promotional and marketing campaigns, tailor their content, create brand strategies, and develop revenue-driven products.

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