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From BI situation assessment to the agile data ecosystem

Optimize your data strategy with an architectural approach that supports data-driven decisions, enabling you to analyze data effectively. A robust data architecture is essential for modernizing and managing your enterprise data. Additionally, data integration transforms raw data into clean, analytics-ready information, making it business-ready.

Proekspert advanced data analytics and business intelligence services share a common aim: confident decision-making on every level of your organization. We help you clarify your company’s business intelligence goals and vision, assess requirements, and determine the next steps to move confidently into the future.

Step 1

Clarify business needs

Together we assess the BI situation and processes. You gain insights into what BI can do and get realistic expectations. The project is begun only if real business value can be created.

Step 2

Technology evaluation

We evaluate your current BI stack based on your requirements and provide an unbiased recommendation for an optimal toolset. This enables more confidence in future BI investments.

Step 3

Implementation strategy

We define clear roles and responsibilities and a roadmap for sustainable implementation. This enables faster time to value, quick adaptation to business changes, and increased data literacy in your organization.

Step 4

Incremental value delivery

We use rapid prototyping. With fast time to value in mind, we incrementally build a data management and analytics ecosystem to support rapidly changing business and data needs.

Our work

IoT-connected, software-enabled devices offer extraordinary business opportunities: recurring revenue, customer loyalty, and higher margins, to name just a few. Data analysis is crucial in understanding how these devices can be optimized for better performance and customer satisfaction. At Proekspert, we have demonstrable experience designing and developing software-enabled devices, equipment, products, and services. Data mining techniques unlock hidden insights, enabling us to enhance product placement and increase sales.

Our case studies provide insight into various IoT projects and show crucial business benefits. Data visualization tools display complex data intuitively, helping stakeholders better understand and collaborate on data insights.

Software to identify soccer fields and their surface material using ESA satellite imagery

Project duration

2100 man-hours, 1+ years


U-net, OpenCV, Postgres, CouchDB

Client challenge/business need

Investigate whether it is technically and commercially feasible through machine learning to obtain information about location and composition of soccer fields.

Solution at a glance

We built an application to select areas of interest, obtain a list of football fields, and view the results using a map application. A distinction is made between the fields covered with natural grass and artificial turf.


Agile BI in a global scale


SCRUM, Kanban, SAFe elements

Client challenge/business need

How to roll-out the solution throughout the organization in 40+ countries while constantly developing new features?

We combined the main teams running SCRUM with supporting teams in Kanban mode. At the same time using SAFe PI planning methodology for planning & roadmaps across the teams, including the business stakeholders.

Solution at a glance

  • Developing the DWH while constantly extending over new units in the organization and extending the user base.
  • Running roadmap for upcoming 12 months, adjustable for future roll-out needs.
  • Sprint plans for upcoming quarter, dependency mapping.
  • Combining the best practices of BI and software development provides real flexibility.


  • Rolled out in 120+ units worldwide with 420+ master data managers and still constantly expanding
  • Running 5 teams in parallel combining SCRUM, Kanban and SAFe elements
  • Business stakeholders have clear visibility and predictability of the investment value

Cloud data warehouse architecture modernization and Power BI for a multinational Fintech ​


Snowflake, Airflow, dbt, Power BI

Client challenge/business need

Our client began implementation of a new Snowflake DWH system three years for advanced analytic scenarios and to support business decision making and reporting. 

Soon the amount of manual work due to the reporting quality had expanded significantly. 

Because the DWH did not fulfill the client’s business needs, and ascertaining what causes the issues was starting to cause considerable overhead, they decided to seek help. 

Solution at a glance

  • Architecture that was flexible, where changes could be administered from a single place.
  • Helped the client build a foundation and processes for a dimensional data model for their DWH. ​ 
  • Implemented new technologies such as Airflow and dbt. This now serves as the client’s roadmap and helps them keep pace with business growth.​ 


  • Simplified business reporting logic and efficient data retrieval.

  • Clarity, understanding, and reusability. Flexibility to changes in business. 

  • Ease of validating data integrity.

Building a data vault to integrate data from hundreds of physical warehouses for a logistics company​


Oracle PL/SQL, Data Vault modelling

Client challenge/business need

A central database to track operator productivity in hundreds of warehouses across the globe. 

The client needs to track the productivity, in order to identify bottlenecks, adjust the workload and also forecast for better future performance.

Solution at a glance

  • A data warehouse based on data vault principles to allow dynamic management of business rules without compromising data integrity. ​ 
  • A reporting source for physical warehouse operator productivity calculations.​ 
  • Due to multiple regulations from a variety of countries, the solution has to be adaptable.


  • International, country-specific operations reports are handled within one single system.​

  • Reliable operations data about warehouse sites to measure and forecast productivity.​ 

  • 80 operations implemented the solution during the first year of development.

Building confidence in cloud-tech choices for an international bank​


Data Lake, DWH, Data integration toolsets, Metadata management, Change data capture (CDC), Scheduling and workflow toolsets

Client challenge/business need

Our client was challenged with choosing the right data platform stack to serve them for years to come. 

They were faced with numerous modern cloud technologies on the market, a deadline set in stone, and internal resources already engaged for the next nine months.

Solution at a glance

Over 300 scenarios were defined and run on competing platforms. Technology combinations were evaluated for suitability in the bank’s business context. 

Proekspert’s assistance enabled the bank to choose a data platform stack partner based on total cost of ownership and the partner’s compatibility with their culture. 


  • We helped the client to make an educated decision for their future DWH platform.

  • Deep dive into the truth behind promotional materials from different vendors.

Embedded Power BI​


Azure, Power BI, MongoDB

Client challenge/business need

Huvepharma is providing pharmaceuticals for farm animal facilities. 

In order to pinpoint problems near real time, they needed to have aggregated information about the health of client facilities, they needed to provide an integrated solution in their end-user app.

Solution at a glance

  • Clients enter the assessment data in their facilities.
  • Data is immediately aggregated and displayed in embedded reports for quick decision making.


  • Huvepharma customers can make quick decisions based on their own data.

  • Ability to provide custom reports for clients on the go.

  • Ability to see the patterns in client facilities to identify health deviations.

Automated solution for solar roof ROI​


Several image recognition technologies and methods​.

In cooperation with ESA: read more here →

Client challenge/business need

We needed to cover 2 cases, based on detected roof geometry from satellite images:

  • Calculate the potential cost for the solar roof
  • Forecast the productivity of the planned solar roof

By combining these, sales team and the potential customer can make an educated investment decision.

Solution at a glance

Using analysis of Earth Observation imagery, calculate the areas and angles of roofs at given address.

Combining Earth Observation data with other geoinformatic data sources can further improve the results.


  • Our client can now get a baseline ROI indication for potential customers quickly, increasing competitive advantage.
  • Adding new geographical areas is simple and only minimal additional training for the model is required.

  • Earth Observation imagery can be combined with other geoinformatic data sources data to enhance the accuracy.

Our BI, data visualization, and data analytics services tech stack and competencies

Proekspert’s BI team is an interdisciplinary team whose passion is BI and whose expertise includes data architecture. They understand that modernizing and managing data for enterprise organizations requires a robust data architecture.

They are focused on modern cloud technologies, but their experience includes on-premise Microsoft BI, SAP BusinessObjects and Oracle, Azure, AWS, Databricks, Snowflake, dbt, DataOps, Data Vault and, of course, industry-standard front-end tools like Power BI and Tableau.

BI and data warehouse modernization

Through data warehouse (DWH) migrations to new cloud-based BI and data warehouse solutions, we help you accommodate evolving business requirements by re-using former investments in data warehouse content and your legacy installations.

  • Hybrid deployment for an enterprise DWH
  • Self-service BI and data preparation solutions
  • Expanding the BI environment to include analytical sandboxes or data science

Data infrastructure

We help you govern, process, store, transfer, and secure data, so your business can gain real value. This is the essential aspect of data processing and analysis.

  • Data warehouse architecture and development
  • Data governance and quality
  • Performance tuning and maintenance
  • Data sourcing and retrieval
  • High availability, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Data cleansing and transformation
  • Data warehouse upgrades and migrations

Business intelligence and data analytics

Proekspert business intelligence and data analytics services help you to transform data into actionable and relevant insights. This enables informed strategic decisions, improved operational efficiency, and business productivity.

  • Business requirements and goals definition
  • Data visualization and dashboards
  • Implementation of BI tools and methodologies
  • Descriptive and predictive analytics
  • Data literacy consulting

Advanced analytics and machine learning

With advanced analytics, we assemble data in a novel manner and find patterns a human could never hope to identify. This enables you to map and discover patterns that may currently be hidden.

  • Rapid validation and feasibility assessment
  • Applied research and development
  • Algorithm development
  • Data modeling
  • Advanced business analytics and reporting

Advanced Analytics

Focus areas

  • Image analysis
  • Sensor-based time series analysis

Technologies and methods

  • Machine learning and DNN
  • Regression and statistical analysis
  • Data acquisition and data wrangling

Tools and frameworks

  • YOLO, U-Net
  • Pytorch, Keras, Tensorflow,
  • Kubernetes and Kubeflow
  • Jupyter lab, Numpy, Pandas

Applications and use cases

  • Anomaly and fault detection
  • Object detection, classification, segmentation, tracking, and measurements
  • Parameter optimization

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