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Mobile app for homeowners to control their heat pumps

Project duration

Beginning of 2022 — present


Native Mobile apps: Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. REST APIs, Websocket, JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol, SSDP and mDNS protocol

Client challenge/business need

Homeowners expect to monitor and control their heat pumps remotely over a mobile app.

The goal is to provide end users extended functionality and insight through the mobile app, in addition to what the device already offers.

Solution at a glance

We created a modern mobile app that enables end users to access and modify their heat pump settings via the cloud.

  • Native apps on iOS and Android control heat pumps in a variety of locations via cloud.
  • User can remotely change their home heating temperatures and other functionalities, including time-based configurations.
  • SSDP and mDNS protocols find the heating devices from the home network, registering these to the cloud.
  • The app communicates with devices over the internet.
  • All updates and changes made in the device appear immediately in the app, which uses the websocket for cloud-side communication.
  • Reusable code library for future product development.


  • Expanded functionalities of heat pump hardware that were not possible by just using hardware; the home climate is managed remotely from anywhere.
  • Home-owners can manage different heat-pumps and other HVAC devices around multiple locations through the same app.
  • Considering the customer’s need to add new devices and smart services in the future, the app architecture is structured in such a way that adding support for new devices to the app is a fast and straightforward process for app developers.

Cloud migration and development for remote devices

Project duration

9800 man-hours; 2+ years


MS Azure, C#, .NET core, MS SQL, Azure Kubernetes, Docker

Client challenge/business need

To make it possible to remotely manage and monitor all the client’s premium devices. The client needed the cloud solution to be stable and cost-efficiently scalable.

Solution at a glance

We built a central device and user data management system that integrates devices and applications on Microsoft® Azure Cloud.


  • The online service our client provides is highly available, reliable and, most importantly, cost-efficient, thanks to the modular system architecture.
  • A central device and user data management system that interacts with devices and mobile and web applications (efficient to manage)
  • Thanks to Azure cloud service the client can outsource the system monitoring and maintenance service.

Cloud migration and CX modernization for a global partner


Multi-part single application, MS Azure, C#, .NET Core, EF Core, MS SQL, Kubernetes, Docker, React JS, Scalable device cloud platform

Client challenge/business need

Improve and optimize the control and monitoring of remote ground-source heat pumps.

Solution at a glance

We improved the software architecture (migration of the solution to the cloud) and brought the system’s end-user experience to the next level.


  • Thanks to online operational data available, heat pump installers can support homeowners’ heat pumps more easily and at a lower cost.
  • Our client’s support call center load decreased significantly. A major part of complaint calls and emails ended immediately after improvements went live.
  • Our client is now focused on building new products, instead of servicing the existing system – all at a much lower cost.

Secure IoT-cloud platform for 3D printing service


MS Azure, .NET, MVC, C#, Bootstrap 3, AngularJS, Toastr, jQuery

Client challenge/business need

To develop a new service platform where 3D-object designers can securely order 3D printing services from print shops for their valuable intellectual property. The client needed the cloud solution to be stable and cost-efficiently scalable.

Solution at a glance

We built a central platform on Microsoft® Azure Cloud that hosts designers’ files, virtual print shops, and integrates 3D printers.


  • The secure cloud service prevented unauthorized access to uploaded intellectual property.
  • 3D print shop managers can connect their 3D printers to the cloud service and manage their virtual workshop remotely.
  • Both 3D-design owners and printer operators can observe the printing process remotely.

Online platform support and maintenance for a global heat pump maker

Project duration

4+ years


Multi-part single application, MS Azure, C#, .NET Core, EF Core, MS SQL, Kubernetes, Docker, React JS, Scalable device cloud platform, Azure Monitor

Client challenge/business need

Since 2018, Proekspert has guaranteed 24/7 online heat pump remote monitoring and control platform for a heat pump manufacturer’s technicians and end-users during and in between development cycles.

Solution at a glance


  • 24/7 working solution ensured – even during development
    We deliver system improvements gradually in a way that the end-user experiences only an improving system without any downtime annoyances that sometimes come with system updates.
  • Constantly monitored solution
    We configure monitoring tools that help us and the client observe system stability and react quickly when an incident occurs.
  • SLA for 3rd level support
    Level 3 support with an SLA ensures that serious incidents are taken care of within an agreed timeframe.

Support and maintenance for Enics electronics assembly factories

Project duration

31,000 man-hours, 6+ years


C#, .NET, SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME)

Client challenge/business need

Since 2016, Proekspert has, step by step, streamlined the electronics assembly company’s 24/7 working production tracking system and operator workflows into a stable, reconfigurable, and globally scalable IT infrastructure.

Solution at a glance


  • 24/7 working solution ensured
    We deliver system improvements gradually in a way that system updates never interfere with the work of assembly lines.
  • Scalable to group assembly factories in different regions
    The traceability system was gradually improved in a way that proved universal enough to implement in other Enics factories, as well.

Proekspert helps release your online product platform

From cloud adoption plan to 24/7 connected product

You’re the expert in making products. We are experts in connecting industrial products and appliances to the cloud. Proekspert makes your product 24/7 securely accessible over the Internet so that users can control it remotely, observe the operational data or monitor its condition. By combining our tech skills and your industry experience, we can help you bring your innovative next-gen product online so it’s cost-effective to maintain and upgrade from anywhere over the internet.

Step 1

Clarify business needs

We share and explain our variety of experiences about the success of connecting devices to the cloud for similar product businesses. We deliver a realistic picture of what to expect and what can be achieved.

Step 2

Align adoption plan to business needs

We help you choose a product that delivers maximum impact with lowest risk when made 24/7 available over the cloud. We provide the plan, general architecture and estimates for your business, what cloud services to use, and how to implement the solution.

Step 3

Get cloud-ready

We set up the cloud infrastructure. We connect your product to the cloud. We set up secure data service and implement or migrate current functionality from existing solutions.

Step 4

Evaluate, support and improve

We are ready to go through the same cycle with the next product line. We provide 3rd-level support and customization. We also provide hosting and monitoring services if needed.

Our cloud development competencies

As an experienced cloud solution development and integration company, Proekspert provides full-cycle cloud solution development and integrates hardware products to streamline your business processes.

Device-Cloud communication

Cloud data management

  • Hot storage
  • Cold storage
  • Data collection for analytics
  • Message queue and processing
  • Event-driven architecture

Communication protocols

  • WebSocket
  • TCP
  • MQTT
  • Azure IoT Hub

Cloud interfaces

  • Rest API
  • WebSocket
  • SignalR
  • EventHub

Cloud stack

Tech stack

  • Azure stack, incl Kubernetes, SQL, AD B2C, App services etc
  • AWS stack, incl EC2, ELB, Grafana, Kubernetes
  • Datalakes
  • Snowflake

QA practises

  • Automated testing
  • Integration tests
  • Unit tests
  • CI/CD


  • Prototyping and testing
  • Starting fast, failing fast
  • Applying new technologies

Cloud services

Remote device control

  • APIs
  • Data access APIs
  • Push notifications
  • EventHubs
  • Near real-time communication
  • Bidirectional communication

User roles and management

  • Device permission management
  • User life-cycle management
  • Single sign-on of applications
  • Rule based access

Cloud interface

  • APIs
  • Data access APIs
  • Push notifications
  • EventHubs
  • Near real-time communication
  • Bidirectional communication

User apps

Tech stack

  • React
  • iOS native
  • Android native
  • Kotlin


  • User centric design
  • HMI design
  • User notifications
  • User research
  • Customer journey mapping

Online and on field tools development

  • Field service management
  • Online apps for end-users
  • Integrations incl Alexa, Google Home, Apple Watch, Siri etc

Cloud IoT solution development

We implement secure end-to-end cloud solutions to enable connected services cost efficiently using top infrastructure providers and modern software development technologies.​

  • Cloud architecture
  • Cloud infrastructure setup and development​
  • Cloud users and devices data management system development​
  • User roles and management system development
  • Existing system migration to the cloud
  • Cloud customization and optimization​

Remote device management app development

We develop cloud-based applications that enable secure remote management and near real-time control of complex devices over the internet. ​

  • The system overview about thousands of cloud-connected devices for permitted system users
  • Individual device parameter and change log overview
  • Visualizing data analysis
  • App for changing and updating hundreds of device parameters
  • App to manage device firmware versions

Device, cloud and third-party integration​

We integrate complex devices, cloud services and 3rd party solutions to serve the business needs.​

  • Device and cloud connectivity API-s​
  • Data integration
  • Integration with external services APIs

24/7 cloud support and maintenance

We ensure high availability of cloud service and support. We manage backup and disaster recovery processes.

  • System monitoring and response service
  • System maintenance and update service
  • 3rd level support service
  • Product lifecycle support and development

Why choose Proekspert as your cloud development partner?

Proekspert software engineers have extensive experience developing enterprise-level device-to-cloud integrations, from industrial applications to global networks of remotely controllable IoT devices. This gives clients significant improvement in connected device manufacturing, cloud service upkeep efficiency, and new business opportunities. Our device-to-cloud connectivity solutions help you innovate with balanced product costs, scale your reach, and reduce product maintenance costs.

Expanded physical product functionality through cloud connectivity

Proekspert software engineers build cloud-based human-machine interfaces and integrate products into the cloud.

Our engineers can convert a device’s GUI into a cloud app so you can offer more functionality with the same amount of hardware or even less. It also enables more cost-effective manufacturing.

24/7 online product through secure and stable cloud integration

Proekspert software engineers securely integrate devices to the cloud service so that product operations can be controlled and product firmware can be updated in confidence by users through numerous remote-access options for products in hazardous or hard-to-reach environments.

Scalable quality control and R&D with the help of machine learning and sensor data

Proekspert data scientists develop sensor data and computer vision technology for various applications, like device condition monitoring and automated quality control. This enables faster, more efficient, and scalable R&D and quality control for your connected product line.

Cost-efficient scalable device-cloud platform

Proekspert cloud engineers develop scalable and expandable cloud platform setups so you can enjoy cost-effective and low-maintenance cloud service. Our engineers have built cost-efficient, device-cloud platforms where server cost per device became ten times cheaper than traditional data center service.

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