Proekspert bridges the gap between the digital and the physical

Founded in Estonia in 1993, Proekspert is a professional IT services company.

We help device and machine manufacturers develop intelligent products and focus on customers through value-adding digital services. We do this by combining data science and software development expertise with
a design thinking approach

We are making the future

With embedded software engineering, we improve existing and develop new products with sensors and connectivity to make use of resources in novel, efficient ways, thus driving the transformation to a greener tomorrow.

We connect all sorts of devices to the cloud, make products cloud accessible 24/7, and lay down the foundation for developing modern interconnected services atop products.
We enhance products with smart digital services that customers value to create new revenue streams.

We develop accurate and reliable products from the ground up, helping manufacturers turn ideas into objects that can make everyone’s life easier and better.

Proekspert has been delivering next-gen product and digital services development projects for multiple global electric equipment manufacturers like Danfoss, Stiebel Eltron Group, Alliance.

We’re motivated by the opportunity to organize the world and advance humanity with technology

By nature, we are curious, courageous, open-minded, and are friendly, and direct. We wish to create things both awesome and useful. There’s more to our work than just doing the job.

We are team players with an independent and entrepreneurial mindset

Proekspert was founded by programmers for programmers: a place where they themselves would love working. This was the foundation for a working culture that continues to define Proekspert even today, decades on: being humane, being direct, being natural. We are flexible enough to work well with both large and small clients.

Our dream: a world without digital waste

When end-users are not consulted, or a digital product is created based on some “gut feeling;” the final product that is delivered leads to failure – resulting in digital waste: waste of time, money, talent, and potential.

Proekspert’s vision is a world without digital waste – the total elimination of the inefficient ways of doing things through the creation of new and better human-centric digital solutions.

We help companies develop sustainable next-gen connected devices and focus on the customer through smart services

  • Experience
    29+ years
  • People
    170+ experts
  • Portfolio
    300+ customers
  • Portfolio
    1550+ projects
  • Offices
    4 offices
  • Loyalty
    74 NPS

A full-service digital transformation partner

Proekspert builds world-changing solutions by combining data science and product development expertise with a design thinking approach. We focus on giving you a sharp competitive edge by quickly testing new business ideas while tackling the possible risks, and taking responsibility for the whole product development process.

In each collaboration phase our designers, technology experts, and data scientists challenge the established thinking; involving clients at every step and ensuring the success of the products we develop.

From bacteria to space – our vast experience

Always more than just a software company, we have worked on clever machines and industrial automation, smart screws, production lines, complex device integrations, banking backbones, and management automatics: in short, advancing the new industrial revolution.

Our code makes elevators move, heating systems run. Our software helps to grow useful bacteria, makes business decisions. It can analyze satellite images and is used to provide self-service to millions of people.

Clients we’ve supported to progress in sustainability and digitalization

Stiebel Eltron
Estonia's Ministry of Social Affairs
Family-friendly employer
golden badge
HappyMe Talent Management
Äripäev Financial Newspaper
Top Company
Creditinfo Estonia
15 years running
Smartwork Association
Remote Working
Responsible Business Forum
Responsible Business
Index: Bronze
Fontes Talent Advisory
Equal Pay
Estonian Marketing Institute
Dream Employer
European Business Awards
Ones To Watch in Estonia
Tallinn Entrepreneurship awards
Best job creator
Estonian Entrepreneurship awards
Responsible company of
the year nominee

Digital transformation goodness

Proekspert is committed to discussing and implementing digital trends.

As digital partners ourselves, we believe in sharing our success with others. That’s why we have created a resource center for today’s modern businesses seeking to transform the way they do business for their customers.

Proekspert’s articles include topical digital transformation and trending industry updates from artificial intelligence to software engineering, so modern digital businesses can stay abreast of what’s happening in the business world.

Furthermore, our resources include demystifying all things digital; whether about data analytics, digital product creation, cybersecurity, service design and other forms of industry jargon.

Proekspert history

Proekspert was founded in 1993, and one of our first contracts was to build one of the earliest chip-based debit cards in Europe. Our banking backbone developed then and is – albeit with modifications– still in use today. Bold and revolutionary software developments, hand in hand with hardware for both industrial automation and banking systems, have ever since been our major strength. Collaboration with Danfoss has put our creations to use globally.

Smart devices and software that we developed during the 2010s brought us to establish a smart machine component development and production subsidiary, Sensorise, in 2019 in Germany.

Due to the growing need for world-class data analysis and top-notch design requirements, Proekspert has invested considerably in these areas and put this knowledge to use to advance companies, build client support systems, and undertake scientific endeavors. Our high standards have allowed us to work even with the European Space Agency.

A fundamental shift in our organizational structure happened in 2013 when Proekspert became a bossless company. This step, radical for its time, together with supporting working out of the office, has proven to be hugely beneficial.

Established and headquartered in Tallinn, our second office was opened in Tartu in the 2000s. Initiated by our employees, we opened additional offices in Pärnu and Kuressaare in 2016 and 2017.

For those with a keen interest in our history, the author Sass Henno has written a work of fiction about the first ten years of Proekspert. The story begins in 1981 when two eventual founders of the company, Raivo Vilu and Andrus Suitsu, meet, and is set against the backdrop of Estonia’s early IT success.

Warning: the book is readable only by those possessing the superpower to read Estonian.

What makes Proekspert unique

No bosses, only teams

Proekspert’s structure lacks the vertical management layer, which gives our people considerable freedom to make decisions and take action. Everyone can participate, initiate, and be part of the company’s future.

Our culture favors proactiveness and responsibility. The opportunity to realize one’s ambitions motivates people and is great for the whole company. Furthermore: Proekspert is employee-owned.

Freedom to choose: pick projects, pick roles

Our employees choose projects of interest to them and work in corresponding teams. We have a vast array of projects of different types and lengths, so one can choose stable challenges or enjoy a more variable workflow. There’s plenty of interesting work for all.

Work where you like

Proekspert supports a flexible work arrangement. We have four offices in Estonia: Tallinn, Tartu, Kuressaare and Pärnu, and we’re ready to open new ones, if need be. We also have tens of home offices around the world.

Every individual, and even whole teams, may pick the best place, time, and way of working, helping to keep work and private life in balance. Flexibility fosters productivity and mental well-being.

We’re a caring and family-friendly company

We pay a lot of attention to our employees’ well-being and help them in their self-development. Our coaches support personal journeys. Everyone at Proekspert has a yearly personal self-development budget, and we offer health support and psychological counselling that extends to our employees’ families, too.

Our partners

Proekspert’s purpose is to boost the capability of the organizations to create and deliver products that have a clear positive impact on the lives of a large number of people.

We do partnerships and cooperation in the area of smart devices, machines and robots, their man-machine interfaces and control systems and intelligent automation (keywords: IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0, product development, smart data, design and usability).

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We help companies develop sustainable next-gen connected devices and focus on the customer through smart services.

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