We help companies rethink their business and build solutions for the digital era

Founded in Estonia in 1993, Proekspert, is a full-service digital transformation partner for international clientele.

With strong competencies in business analytics, data science, service design, and service development; Proekspert helps companies discover and build digital businesses, products, and services. 

Proekspert stands out for its wealth of experience in software development for industrial automatics.

Our dream: a world without digital waste

When end-users are not consulted, or a digital product is created based on some “gut feeling;” the final product that is delivered leads to failure – resulting in digital waste: waste of time, money, talent, and potential.

Proekspert’s vision is a world without digital waste – the total elimination of the inefficient ways of doing things through the creation of new and better human-centric digital solutions.

A full-service digital transformation partner

Proekspert build world-changing solutions by combining data science and product development expertise with a design thinking approach. We focus on giving you a sharp competitive edge by quickly testing new business ideas while tackling the possible risks, and taking responsibility for the whole product development process.

In each collaboration phase our designers, technology experts, and data scientists challenge the established thinking; involving customers at every step and ensuring the success of the products we develop.

We have demonstrable experience in the following industries

Trends and technologies

Industrial IoT
Intelligent things
Connectivity automation
Cloud & migration
Digital services and platforms

Augmented reality
Artificial intelligence and Machine learning
Intelligent apps
3D printing
Computer vision
Data science

Automated testing
Voice recognition
Conversational UI + robotics
Real-time analytics
Shop floor optimization
Smart manufacturing
Predictive maintenance

Digital transformation goodness

Proekspert is committed to discussing and implementing digital trends.

As digital partners ourselves, we believe in sharing our success with others. That’s why we have created a resource center for today’s modern businesses seeking to transform the way they do business for their customers.

Proekspert’s articles include topical digital transformation and trending industry updates from artificial intelligence to software engineering, so modern digital businesses can stay abreast of what’s happening in the business world.

Furthermore, our resources include demystifying all things digital; whether about data analytics, digital product creation, cybersecurity, service design and other forms of industry jargon.

What makes Proekspert unique?

Our people

Game-changing products and strategies are built by multidisciplinary teams that excel in business, design, and technical areas. We hail from the digital powerhouse of Estonia, the world leader in technology applied positively to human lives.

Our expertise

Proekspert is the place where your business meets a unique combination of design thinking, 27+ years of technology expertise, and cutting-edge ideas of data science. We have been creating solutions for IoT and Industry 4.0 long before they become trends.

How we work

We have battle-tested methods that can be easily adapted to the product development processes of your enterprise. Our unique organizational structure means proactivity instead of over-management, synergy instead of dead weight, and fast delivery instead of time wasted.

Our partners

Proekspert’s purpose is to boost the capability of the organizations to create and deliver products that have a clear positive impact on the lives of a large number of people. We do partnerships and cooperation in the area of smart devices, machines and robots, their man-machine interfaces and control systems and intelligent automation (keywords: IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0, product development, smart data, design and usability).

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Top Company
Estonian Marketing Institute
Dream Employer
European Business Awards
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European excellence awards in hr
Work 4.0 category
German-estonian business award
Industry 4.0 award
European business awards
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We help our clients discover and build digital businesses, products, and services. We excel in making devices smart, in business analytics, data science, service design, as well as in digital service development.

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