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Cloud connectivity for your remote devices

Proekspert develops cloud connectivity solution for your devices which is scalable, efficient and enables innovative digital customer services

Device security

Cloud connectivity

Apps and portals

Proekspert develops cloud connectivity solutions that have useful features, collect and present valuable data, scalable and extendable and keep operational costs under control.

Connecting remote devices to a cloud makes possible to maintain and update generally complex devices remotely over the internet and opens up new ways utilise data from the devices.

Key features

Maintain remote devices through practical UI

Intuitive customized cloud platform for devices to enable monitoring, configuring, updating the device software

Improve quality and productivity with the help of device data

Well considered data strategy to collect and present the information enables more efficient RnD and better services

Scale and extend the service platform based on needs

System architecture designed for client business needs makes integrating new devices, products and applications efficient and more secure

Reduce operational costs with efficient use of cloud service

System design takes into account the customer’s business needs and spends cloud resources only on beneficial features

Why Proekspert

Our expertise is implementing and configuring cloud systems focused on maintaining and controlling relatively complex devices (e.g systems that require dual communication and relatively high uptime).

We look at systems from the perspective of client business needs like: minimizing upkeep costs; developing tools that simplify online- and on-site maintenance for end users; providing scalable architecture and security by design; and developing custom business-specific features.

Cost efficient

Proekspert develops custom solutions for its clients that are cost efficient to operate and maintain.

Scalable and flexible

Proekspert solutions are scalable and flexible to adapt to your products’ lifecycle and business needs.

Intuitive design

Proekspert has years of experience designing industrial applications and interfaces for commercial appliances. Our UI/UX experts know how to help our clients design apps that are convenient and pleasant for the end user.

Custom, well-maintained software

Proekspert’s focus is building custom software solutions and subsequent support to help clients maintain system stability of software systems throughout the product’s life-cycle, from development to maintenance.

Cloud connectivity with accompanying services

Cloud service is the heart of an online, remote device management system. It is a platform for integratable devices and mobile- and web apps. It’s also a platform for future in-house- and third party services. It must be scalable, extendable, and efficient to monitor and maintain and, of course, financially sustainable

Maintain remote devices

IoT applications for B2B and B2C users

Using data to improve quality and productivity

Get in touch

Proekspert has comprehensive expertise in developing custom integrations and remote cloud connectivity for industrial devices and machines. For 30 years we have helped our clients develop custom solutions.

If you’re looking for an experienced remote device cloud connectivity solutions development partner to improve your device online functionality, feel free to contact us.

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Tiina Kalju

IoT-Cloud Integration and Applications Lead

The embedded world 2023 Exhibition&Conference

Tiina Kalju and Raido Lepp at The embedded world 2023

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