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We help scale your digital services by stabilizing remote transactions, improving UI/UX, and serving customers with costs in balance.

  • Scale your product reach

  • Innovate with balanced product costs

  • Reduce product maintenance costs

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Looking for ways to scale your digital service business?

Your product business is thriving. Your products are the preferred choice among customers. Over the last decade, your 24/7 cloud-connected products have made you a market leader. You and your customers have grown significantly year on year. Your CTO envisions new digital services that will provide your business a competitive edge. But the digital service you have provided as extra with your product has grown into an unavoidable responsibility in parallel with your product growth.

Have you noticed that customer adoption of those digital services often disappoints, so your digital service usage doesn’t scale in accordance with your product sales? Is the digital innovation of your product not delivering the expected ROI? Is the cost of after-sales support and maintenance reasonable?

Focus on your customer experience, and let us help you enhance it with smart digital services

We design and build products and services that people are truly happy to pay for.

By adding digital services in a smart way, you can enhance your product value via self-service environments and smart data applications (data collected from devices) to grow your product value in the market.

The impact of adding smart, digital services: product scalability, cost-efficient innovation, and reduced support and maintenance service costs.

Proekspert digital service designers and engineers are experienced in building efficient and scalable digital services and self-service environments. Trust the job to us and free yourself to focus on creating value for your customers.

Proekspert helps you build useful services

From concept to digital services your customers value

You’re the expert in making products. Our passion is making useful software and building modern interfaces that enhance the product-user experience. By combining our skills and your experience we can help you enrich your product with useful services for end-users and give your business a competitive edge.

How Proekspert supports you in launching your digital service

Your step 1:

Clarify business needs

  • Decide what long-term impact you want to achieve with digital services for your business.
  • Make a strategic decision.

Proekspert contribution

  • We share and explain our variety of experiences about the success of smart digital services in the industry.
  • We provide service design if needed.

Your step 2:

Create a plan

  • Decide the expected short-term impact for the business.
  • Select which services to build.
  • Model the service concept and evaluate the marketability.
  • Create a plan for advancing step by step.

Proekspert contribution

  • We ensure the collected product-usage data provides necessary analytics and feedback to designers and developers.
  • We provide the general architecture, implementation plan, and cost estimates.

Your step 3:

Build the service

  • Optimize your processes to take advantage of the service in development to effectively leverage new opportunities to grow your business.
  • Teach people to use the new service (1st- and 2nd-level support).

Proekspert contribution

  • We design a user-friendly interface. We do user research if necessary.
  • We develop self-service interfaces for web and mobile.
  • We develop data analytics solutions that support customers in their decisions (predictive maintenance; next-best-action recommendation).
  • We automate business processes and develop scalable API products.

Your step 4:

Evaluate, support, and improve

  • Evaluate how the impact of the service meets your business expectations.
  • Evaluate your service’s traction with customers.
  • Evaluate how to create further value-adding services.

Proekspert contribution

  • We are ready to go through the same cycle with the next product line.
  • We provide 3rd-level support and customization.
  • We also provide hosting and monitoring services if needed.

Our digital services development competencies

We design quality digital services that users appreciate. We identify technical requirements needed for delivering the service functionality. We develop digital services that are accessible on every platform, such as web and native mobile apps. We build role-based user interfaces for different jobs and business tasks. And last but not least, we integrate the service with other systems such as third-party services through API.

Service and technology concept design

We design services for target groups. We define the technical requirements needed for delivering the working digital service.

  • Prototype and test
  • Service design
  • Service/ cloud application architecture (and design)
  • Tech feasibility (do we have enough correct data for service designing)
  • UI and workflow optimization
  • UI/UX design for user app
  • Usability testing
  • User experience research and analysis
  • User interaction design
  • User workflow

Self-service interfaces design and development

We build role-based user interfaces for different jobs and business tasks. We develop user interfaces that accommodate interaction between machines and users and provide dedicated functionalities for each role.

  • Administrator interface design
  • HMIs – human machine interfaces
  • Kiosk interface design and development
  • Self-service interfaces and portal design and development
  • Technician interface design
  • UI solutions for operators

Enterprise application development

We develop custom applications and digital solutions to solve specific objectives and streamline operations of large businesses.

  • Enterprise software development
  • Industrial application UI design and development
  • UI plugins for enterprise solutions

Web and mobile app development

We develop applications that work seamlessly across all modern platforms and devices.

  • Mobile app design and development
  • Reactive web applications
  • User interface facelift and modernization
  • Web back-end development
  • Web front-end design

Data analytics dashboard development

We develop user interfaces and dashboards that present the results of complex analytics calculations to enable decisions based on them.

  • Advanced analytics and machine learning
  • Computer vision / image recognition
  • Dashboard design
  • Data science and AI development
  • Predictive analytics

Service API development and integration

We develop APIs to integrate your service with internal systems and make it work as a whole. We integrate your service with other companies’ systems to make the service flexible and scalable for business partners.

  • API product design and development
  • Integration with 3rd party APIs
  • Scalable cloud solutions
  • UI API

Why choose Proekspert as your digital service development partner?

Proekspert digital service designers and engineers have extensive experience in developing enterprise-level self-service environments, from industrial applications to complex business operations. This has given our clients the benefit of streamlined sales operations, scaled B2B transactions, and more efficient customer service. Our digital service development solutions help you innovate with balanced product cost, scale your product reach, and also reduce product maintenance costs.

Operational efficiency through automated self- service

Proekspert digital service designers and engineers develop self-service portals and apps so you can cost-effectively serve your customers 24/7.

We help to enhance your product with smart digital services that your customers value so that you can create new revenue streams and grow your product’s value in the market.

Quick wins in customer engagement through clever UI modernization

Proekspert software and service designers create user-centric interfaces and workflows that improve customer experience.

For quick wins we also revamp existing user interfaces. It’s a cost-effective method to increase the engagement of your product or service’s end users.

Predictive insights with the help of machine learning

Proekspert data scientists develop machine learning applications such as next-best-action recommendations and predictive maintenance.

This enables new services for your connected product line that streamline maintenance or user experience.

Upscaled business transactions through API products

Proekspert software engineers develop custom API products for backend systems and integrate third-party services.

This enables effective and flexible automation of sales transactions with your business partners, so you can upscale your B2B business.

Going digital: Why it’s essential to have a digital service development strategy

Research proves that digitally sophisticated companies have higher revenues, profits, and more potential when it comes to recruiting employees. Technology can support growth when the right digital solution is found.

Technology platforms differ according to business type. B2C businesses often utilize e-commerce platforms and websites. B2B companies may desire CRMS. Platforms are built to scale and to support businesses.

Superior customer experiences deliver more repeat business and positive brand reviews.

Digital self-service and eCommerce spark growth

Deliver a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint

With the increasing number of customer touchpoints, companies have more opportunities than ever to interact with their customers. In today’s digital world, organizations must understand the customer journey and interact at the right time.

Build brand loyalty via 24/7 digital service

The quality of user interfaces in the online channel significantly influences customer- perceptions, satisfaction, and brand recognition.

Introduce new services to increase revenue

Companies that resist evolving with their customers put their businesses at risk. Identify and accelerate new business opportunities by combining business development, technology, creative concepts, and design.

Frictionless transactions

Setting up an effective payment procedure is fundamental to both customer service and sales. When done correctly, the benefits can be vast: serve a whole new geography or attract customers by offering a variety of payment options.

Manage demand fluctuation

Improved data and interconnectedness of business functions, including those in the warehouse, will allow companies to react faster to changes in demand.

How to implement digital services

Tips for digital service transformation and automation.

The customer first

Take a good look at your most important customer. What are their daily needs and pain points? The transformation must match the organization’s customer experience vision and deliver an experience at the pace customers demand and competitive pressure requires.

Data as a window

Data enables personalized and predictive customer service. Build holistic service networks that connect data, apply machine learning and AI to eliminate problems before they arise.

Choosing tech

Examine what your competitors are doing. Seek advice from colleagues and peers in your network. Gather intel and categorize digital tools.

Scale at pace

Digital capabilities are not built overnight. Implement MVP solutions that can be evolved or extended over time, based on lessons learned.


Prioritize choices that align to long-term business strategy (in addition to urgent needs) and innovate solutions that can be sustained long term.

Digital services case studies

As digitalization rapidly increases, more organizations see the benefits of moving their entire operations from old legacy systems to newer digital ones, gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors.

At Proekspert, we have demonstrable experience delivering digital service solutions to a broad range of business and industry sectors.

The case studies below provide a more in-depth understanding of the talents and skills we have and the advantages we have brought to businesses worldwide.

Read more about our clients’ successes.

Ways we can collaborate

We tend to collaborate with our clients using one of these four models.

Consultancy services

We join your teams, where we add extra capacity and expertise. We see it as a first step towards partnership.

Nearshore project team

We are an extended team within your project. We usually take responsibility for a particular area or sub-project, and together with you, we build the solution. We use tools and methods to achieve efficiency and transparency.

One-stop-shop or turnkey

You focus on the business. We deliver the solution. We still keep you involved, and we drive the solution development as expected.

Long-term partnership

Why partner with Proekspert

Not too big, not too small

We are big enough to have solid experience with global companies, but we are small enough to provide an excellent customer experience.

Holistic product development and added value

We have experience in the full development cycle – from embedded systems to delivering compelling add-on digital services. This saves you time and money.

Trusted by global OEMs

Proekspert has been delivering next-gen product development projects for multiple global OEMs like Danfoss, Stiebel Eltron Group, Alliance.

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