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We make sure your products are enhanced by smart digital services that your customers value so that you can create new revenue streams.

  • Scale your product reach

  • Innovate with balanced product costs

  • Reduce product maintenance costs

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Looking for ways to enhance your product business with sustainable digital services?

Your product business is thriving. Your products are the preferred choice among customers. Over the last decade, your 24/7 cloud-connected products have made you a market leader. You and your customers have grown significantly year on year. Your CTO envisions new digital services that will provide your business a competitive edge. But the digital service you have provided as extra with your product has grown into an unavoidable responsibility in parallel with your product growth.

Have you noticed that customer adoption of those digital services often disappoints, so your digital service usage doesn’t scale in accordance with your product sales? Is the digital innovation of your product not delivering the expected ROI? Is the cost of after-sales support and maintenance reasonable?

Focus on your customer experience, and let us help you enhance it with smart digital services

We design and build products and services that people are truly happy to pay for.

By adding digital services in a smart way, you can enhance your product value via self-service environments and smart data applications (data collected from devices) to grow your product value in the market.

The impact of adding smart, digital services: product scalability, cost-efficient innovation, and reduced support and maintenance service costs.

Proekspert digital service designers and engineers are experienced in building efficient and scalable digital services and self-service environments. Trust the job to us and free yourself to focus on creating value for your customers.

Beyond digital products and services: The importance of experiences

McKinsey and Company conducted a study that concluded that e-care is the future of customer service. According to the survey, by digitizing customer service, customer satisfaction can be increased by 33% and costs cut by 25-35%.

Organizations that employ emerging technologies can transform the customer experience, operational processes, and business model.

Proekspert provides a customizable set of end-to-end digital capabilities. We enable our clients to identify, design, develop, test, pilot, and launch new digital products and services using an organizational construct built to promote startup thinking, accelerate business value, and optimize ROI.

Build digital excellence by unifying people, processes, and technology

Experience shows that operational transformation is more challenging, costly, and demands more resources than expected. Unifying your people, processes, and technology around the goal of digital service excellence betters your chances of success. Proekspert helps companies in eCommerce, digital self-service, and fintech address these three critical areas.

End-to-end digital service development solutions

Proekspert offers end-to-end digital solutions, from strategy to implementation. We design and build digital services that reach every touchpoint and platform, whether desktop, kiosk, embedded display, web, or mobile. From business- and consumer-facing to machine-to-machine. We’re experienced in creating solutions from scratch and modernizing whole existing ecosystems.

Rethink customer journeys

Design digital services

Build digital services

Digital self-service software solutions

Business customers and consumers increasingly prefer to engage with organizations through web, mobile apps and APIs.

We enable you to provide your services digitally in a convenient way, no matter who or where your customers are.

Web and mobile app development

Proekspert’s engineers are savvy in next-gen technologies, intelligent algorithms, and modern UI. All web-based interfaces we create work equally well on mobile devices. Technologies like React, Angular, Vue and Firebase blur the difference between web-based solutions and native apps.

B2C portals and mobile apps

Consumers need simplicity. Proekspert helps you bring in new customer-facing software applications with interactive voice response systems. Striking design, ease of use, and high performance are of key importance.

Self-service B2B

You sell to businesses, but we target people standing behind. Empower your sales team to handle volume with intelligent chatbots to participate in customer conversations, and pitch relevant cross-sells and upsells. We create feature-rich, failure-resistant and robust applications that ensure a convenient B2B environment to exchange services, products, and data between businesses.

Integration with enterprise systems

We seamlessly synchronize complex enterprise systems and make them work as a whole to ensure a high level of automation and self-service and to leverage data from CRM/ERP systems, avoiding duplication and infuriating manual input.

Legacy modernization

To help you become more agile and efficient, Proekspert can re-code or re-architect your legacy solutions with modern tech and architectural patterns, migrate them to the cloud, extend their reach and functionality, and more.

eCommerce acceleration solutions

We create a seamless eCommerce experience, enabling customers to complete everything they need to do online, from initial research and purchase to service and returns.

We use a core set of reliable, proven, and quality-checked eCommerce partners, extensions. You’ll get increased scalability, better performance, and rich development opportunities.

eCommerce acceleration consulting

Proekspert recommends best practices and technical solutions to help you enhance your e-commerce experience. Businesses can leverage our technology experience to recognize a mobile app development’s full potential for optimizing and streamlining their commerce solutions.

eCommerce automation

Proekspert helps convert eCommerce tasks, processes, or campaigns across your online store and apps to automation that intelligently executes. Ecommerce automation can tag customers for segmentation and marketing, standardizing visual merchandising, streamlining tracking and reporting, and halting high-risk orders. 

eCommerce integration

Simple, connected and streamlined is always best for business. We’ve mastered integrating third party operations, backend-, and payment systems into an unrivaled eCommerce experience. Proekspert offers B2C and B2B web services for eCommerce integration. We connect your eCommerce website to your office systems and internal business.

eCommerce modernization

Application modernization is key to competitiveness. Our strategy renews web and mobile applications – minor refinements to total makeovers. We offer step-by-step redevelopment of the front- and back ends, and a piece-by-piece redevelopment and creation of new components.

eCommerce re-platforming

Proekspert guides you through eCommerce re-platforming: set and prioritize goals, develop a project roadmap, and select technology. Test functional and technical hypotheses, overall performance, front- and backend functionality, and third-party solution integration.

eCommerce mobile app development

Reach mobile-first users with a bespoke mobile commerce app. We’re experts building native and cross-platform mobile eCommerce applications: sleek UIs, robust backends, and rich functionality. Engage and retain customers to increase revenue streams.

eCommerce logistics integrations

At Proekspert, we believe international eCommerce complications shouldn’t be a barrier to selling your services and products to a global audience. That’s why we make national and international logistics easy for both you and your customers.

Custom eCommerce solutions

Our eCommerce custom solutions, cutting-edge technical expertise, and custom development services drive profitable growth through enhanced shopping experiences, IoT-enabled supply chain automation, and data-driven business intelligence systems.

Financial software solutions and fintech

Proekspert brings its financial technology expertise to digital services for banking with the goal of digitizing services. We develop user-centric SaaS solutions for online banking, mobile banking, and contactless payments. We also apply our cumulative expertise in cloud platform development, APIs, scalable infrastructure, code refactoring, and continuous integration to help digital banks thrive in their markets. During development, we focus on microservices to allow easy integration with popular third-party services.

User experience services for banking

Adapt your financial banking software interfaces to match the preferences of specific customers. Simplify and streamline standard financial procedures. Eliminate product complexity with advice from our UX team to keep your customers from moving to competing fintech offerings.

Banking and fintech software development

Decrease operating expenses, improve employee productivity, and improve the customer experience. We help modernize your legacy systems: enhance bank teller software, re-engineer banking databases, introduce interactive voice response systems, and explore other innovative technologies.

Digital payment services

Cut operating margins with new payment gateway integrations. Push increased profits through data monetization and mobile wallet offerings. Process credit card payments in bulk at a lower cost with a resilient online payment solution and scale your business with our digital payment systems development capabilities.

Predictive analytics

Part technology consultation partner, part development team, Proekspert helps you create a lineup of artificial intelligence and financial services and incorporate them into your operations. You gain access to real-time analytics to immediately act on insights and win more business through unbeatable intelligence.

Fraud management

Proekspert helps you secure your solution with high-quality code and special measures for preventing unauthorized access to users’ data and valuable assets. Our security risk management specialists detect and fix bugs in software that often cause vulnerabilities that can be exploited to commit fraud.

Security and risk management

Strict rules govern the global distribution of financial services. We help clients develop software that refines information security and risk management, setting up all processes for acquiring international certifications and complying with global standards.

Going digital: Why it’s essential to have a digital service development strategy

Research proves that digitally sophisticated companies have higher revenues, profits, and more potential when it comes to recruiting employees. Technology can support growth when the right digital solution is found.

Technology platforms differ according to business type. B2C businesses often utilize e-commerce platforms and websites. B2B companies may desire CRMS. Platforms are built to scale and to support businesses.

Superior customer experiences deliver more repeat business and positive brand reviews.

Digital self-service and eCommerce spark growth

Deliver a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint

With the increasing number of customer touchpoints, companies have more opportunities than ever to interact with their customers. In today’s digital world, organizations must understand the customer journey and interact at the right time.

Build brand loyalty via 24/7 digital service

The quality of user interfaces in the online channel significantly influences customer- perceptions, satisfaction, and brand recognition.

Introduce new services to increase revenue

Companies that resist evolving with their customers put their businesses at risk. Identify and accelerate new business opportunities by combining business development, technology, creative concepts, and design.

Frictionless transactions

Setting up an effective payment procedure is fundamental to both customer service and sales. When done correctly, the benefits can be vast: serve a whole new geography or attract customers by offering a variety of payment options.

Manage demand fluctuation

Improved data and interconnectedness of business functions, including those in the warehouse, will allow companies to react faster to changes in demand.

How to implement digital services

Tips for digital service transformation and automation.

The customer first

Take a good look at your most important customer. What are their daily needs and pain points? The transformation must match the organization’s customer experience vision and deliver an experience at the pace customers demand and competitive pressure requires.

Data as a window

Data enables personalized and predictive customer service. Build holistic service networks that connect data, apply machine learning and AI to eliminate problems before they arise.

Choosing tech

Examine what your competitors are doing. Seek advice from colleagues and peers in your network. Gather intel and categorize digital tools.

Scale at pace

Digital capabilities are not built overnight. Implement MVP solutions that can be evolved or extended over time, based on lessons learned.


Prioritize choices that align to long-term business strategy (in addition to urgent needs) and innovate solutions that can be sustained long term.

Digital services case studies

As digitalization rapidly increases, more organizations see the benefits of moving their entire operations from old legacy systems to newer digital ones, gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors.

At Proekspert, we have demonstrable experience delivering digital service solutions to a broad range of business and industry sectors.

The case studies below provide a more in-depth understanding of the talents and skills we have and the advantages we have brought to businesses worldwide.

Read more about our clients’ successes.

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