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Service and technology concept design

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Service API development and integration

Our work

A scalable B2B portal API for Nordic telecom company

Project duration

24,500 man-hours; 4+ years


Java, Kotlin, API facilitating and programming, Microservices (Kubernetes), Node.js, Apigee

Client challenge/business need

Enable B2B customers to manage employees’ telecommunication accounts, subscriptions, and services through the client’s own IT systems. Of equal importance: the solution must process a large number of transactions simultaneously.

Solution at a glance

We built an interface that’s modular (with open architecture) that significantly improves the self-service experience for B2B customers.


  • Requests to the customer support center decreased notably.
  • The new B2B self-service portal API product enabled large customers to access relevant data and controls, so our client and the end customer saved time.
  • Our client’s large customers may now easily communicate with their systems themselves via the API, enabling fully-automated transactions that conserve our client’s IT department’s resources.

A self-service app for a Nordic telecom


Kotlin, Microservices (Kubernetes), Java, Swift, Firebase, Google Analytics, Android and iOS platforms

Client challenge/business need

Create a modern app for mobile devices that enables customers to access the same services that already are available via the client’s online self-service portal.

Solution at a glance

We developed a native mobile app that gives customers the maximum number of services available on the client’s web page. The app had to be good-looking, easy to use, and meet the client’s promise to customers of great service regardless of platform.


  • With the new 24/7 self-service app, our client was able to engage more existing customers and therefore increase sales even for B2B customers.
  • Customer care service costs were reduced significantly. The number of requests to the customer support center decreased notably.
  • By enabling chat and chatbot, the client was able to handle five times more requests in parallel.

Streamlining the ID-document issuing process with service design methods

Project duration

740 man-hours

Client challenge/business need

New EU regulations that require national ID cards to store fingerprints created a massive workload for Estonia’s Police and Border Guard (PPA). The PPA needed to process fingerprints in its service offices with no loss in customer service quality.

Solution at a glance

Proekspert mapped the current customer journey, including background processes, known bottlenecks. We analyzed customer feedback, built interactive prototypes, tested and iterated in order to improve the self-service portal.


  • The PPA gained valuable insights to begin to improve user experience and ease the service load.
  • The research uncovered several easy-to-fix issues in self service and communications.
  • PPA service designers adapted a human-centric design mindset that helps the organization improve its own services.

A tool to verify lighting measurements in non-residential buildings


SQL, YAML, GraphQL, VTL (Apache Velocity Template Language), Aurora PostgreSQL, AWS Cognito, Vue.js, AWS CloudFormation, Docker

Client challenge/business need

One of the final steps of commissioning a new non-residential building is making sure the lighting is up to standard. This is a tedious task with no standard procedure: A tester measures hundreds of points with a lux meter, inserts the numbers in an Excel table, calculates whether rooms pass the test, and then generates documentation to hand over to a building owner. Additionally, new legislation makes it difficult to understand what tests are required, how and where to execute them, and what are the requirements for documentation.

Solution at a glance

We developed a web app tool for testing and verifying the lighting measurements for non-residential buildings.​


  • The testing procedure is more understandable for testers.
  • Generating final documentation according to new legislative requirements is easy.

Secure 3D printing service for designers


MS Azure, .NET, MVC, C#, Bootstrap 3, AngularJS, Toastr, jQuery

Client challenge/business need

To develop a new service platform where 3D-object designers can securely order 3D-printing services from print shops for their valuable intellectual property (which was in danger of being stolen during the printing process). The client needed its self-service portal to be as intuitive as possible to make adoption of the new service hassle-free.

Solution at a glance

We built a self-service portal where 3D designers and print shop owners may use the service immediately after enrollment. Designers were given a gallery where they can preview and manage designs. Printing shop managers have virtual 3D printing workbenches to operate and manage their printers. All work order communication between designers and shop managers can be tracked and traced by both parties.


  • 3D-design owners can manage their designs through a gallery and order printouts from any 3D print shop integrated into the service.
  • 3D-design owners have complete transparency when and how their design is printed.
  • Printshop managers have virtual 3D-printing workbenches to operate and manage their orders.

A cash payment- and wire transaction solution for a fintech

Project duration

8,500 man-hours; 3+ years


Kotin, JOOQ, Gradle, Flyway,
TypeScript, SpringBoot, Lombok + services, business analytics, UI/UX design, back-end & front-end implementation, Java, PostgreSQL database

Client challenge/business need

The client wanted to improve the back end of its money transfer service to provide its customers with faster, less expensive, and more secure service than traditional financial institutions provide.

Solution at a glance

Proekspert built a scalable and replicable back-end and front-end, and linked the solution to police- and fraud databases. We built internal credit reference tools, real-time connections with the FOREX trading system, and fed the exchange rate through the API. A pricing module was constructed that offered real-time customer prices for currency and transaction fees.


  • Our client benefitted from a service that created new and loyal customers and got real-time metrics for better decision making.
  • End users won with a fast, affordable, and error-free transaction.
  • The scalable and replicable solution is present in eight markets: Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, and Bulgaria, plus countries where our client works in cooperation with local agents.

Integrating external services to provide VAS for a leading fintech provider

Project duration

20,000 man-hours. 3+ years.


Front-end: React.js frameworks, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS & stylus preprocessor for styling
Back-end: Java, Jenkins CI/CD pipelines, MySQL, TeamCity, Kibana, Hibernate, Maven

Client challenge/business need

To integrate externally-provided insurance services into the client’s core business as value-added services.

Solution at a glance

We integrated external services into our client´s Digital services. We also created backend and front-end services: updated user interfaces, user invoicing, and policy generation; implemented a repayment option plan.


  • The service is integrated with external service providers: AXA services and life insurance for Metlife and Cardiff.
  • Updated user interface enabled users to add, cancel, or change the services by themselves and repayment option plan.
  • Automated invoice and insurance policy generation.

Online platform support and maintenance for a multinational fintech

Project duration

35,200 man-hours, 4+ years


Front-end: React.js frameworks, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS & stylus preprocessor for styling
Back-end: Java, Jenkins CI/CD pipelines, MySQL, TeamCity, Kibana, Hibernate, Maven

Client challenge/business need

Solution at a glance


  • 24/7 working solution ensured – even during development
    We deliver system improvements gradually in a way that the end-user experiences only a system improving without downtime annoyances that sometimes come with system updates.
  • SLA for 3rd level support
    Level 3 support with an SLA ensures that serious incidents are taken care of within an agreed timeframe.

Proekspert helps you build useful services

From concept to digital services your customers value

You know your customer. We know tech. We build modern interfaces that enhance the user experience. By combining our skills and your experience we can help you enrich your digital services for end-users and give your business a competitive edge.

Step 1

Clarify business needs

We share and explain our variety of experiences about the success of smart digital services in the industry. We also provide service design if needed.

Step 2

Create a plan

We ensure the collected product-usage data provides necessary analytics and feedback to designers and developers. We provide the general architecture, implementation plan, and cost estimates.

Step 3

Build the service

  • We design a user-friendly interface. We do user research if necessary.
  • We develop self-service interfaces for web and mobile.
  • We integrate data analytics solutions that support customers’ decisions.
  • We automate business processes and develop scalable API products.

Step 4

Evaluate, support, and improve

We are ready to go through the same cycle with the next product line.

We provide 3rd-level support and customization.

We also provide hosting and monitoring services if needed.

Our digital services development competencies

We design quality digital services that users appreciate. We identify technical requirements needed for delivering the service functionality. We develop digital services that are accessible on every platform, such as web and native mobile apps. We build role-based user interfaces for different jobs and business tasks. And last but not least, we integrate the service with other systems such as third-party services through API.


  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Angular
  • Ember.js
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript

Backend & Databases

  • Java
  • Node.js
  • Spring
  • Maven
  • Gradle
  • Oracle SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Liquibase
  • Flyway

Cloud & Data

  • AWS
  • MS Azure
  • Kubernetes
  • Grafana
  • Elasticsearch

Building and Testing

  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Jenkins
  • TeamCity
  • Yarn
  • npm
  • JUnit
  • Approvaltests
  • Wiremock
  • Selenium
  • Postman

Design & Prototyping

  • Figma
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Service design
  • UI/UX design
  • User Interviews and feedback
  • Prototyping

B2B/B2C service portals and integrations​

Being either web portals, mobile apps, APIs, we can design and develop the software solutions that easily bridge your value offering with your customers​

  • Web based custom software solutions​
  • Centralized User lifecycle management solutions​​
  • Development of licensing and subscriptions management portals​
  • Backend systems integrations​
  • Mobile apps solutions
  • Integration of BI tools for customer’s dashboards​

Business processes digitalization​

We digitalize and optimize complex procedures, reducing costs, raising efficiency, quality of service and setting the grounds for further business opportunities.​

  • Reduce paperwork by building software that digitalizes manual procedures​​
  • Integration of decision-making support systems and reporting​
  • Reengineering of legacy solutions

Design services​

We help shaping your business with research and service design, digital product design and implementation​.

  • Validating new product/service ideas and business cases to identify a value proposition​
  • Shape business requirements and build a viable strategy for further investments​
  • UI/UX design
  • User experience research and analysis​

Fintech and card payments solutions​

We have experience that covers the whole domain of card payment solutions and the actors involved: from the card holder, to the merchant, to the acquirer, to the issuer.​

  • Smart Wallet support (Apple Pay, Google Pay and more)​​
  • Payment gateways solutions for merchants, POS integrations​​
  • Solutions for issuers (Card issuing and personalization, cards management, clearing and settlement)​
  • Solutions for acquirers (Management of POS terminals & terminal parameters, processing of payment messages, implementation of recurring payments)​​
  • Integrations with banks APIs, blocklist, AML and KYC services​

Why choose Proekspert as your digital service development partner?

Proekspert digital service designers and engineers have extensive experience in developing enterprise-level self-service environments, from industrial applications to complex business operations. This has given our clients the benefit of streamlined sales operations, scaled B2B transactions, and more efficient customer service. Our digital service development solutions help you innovate with balanced product cost, scale your product reach, and also reduce product maintenance costs.

Operational efficiency through automated self-service

Proekspert digital service designers and engineers develop self-service portals and apps so you can cost-effectively serve your customers 24/7. We help to enhance your digital services so that you can create new revenue streams and become more competitive in the market.

Quick wins in customer engagement through clever UI modernization

Proekspert software and service designers create user-centric interfaces and workflows that improve customer experience. For quick wins we revamp existing user interfaces – it’s a cost-effective method to increase the engagement of your customers.

Predictive insights with the help of machine learning

Proekspert data scientists develop machine learning applications such as next-best-action recommendations and predictive maintenance. This enables new services that streamline maintenance or user experience.

Upscaled business transactions through API products

Proekspert software engineers develop custom API products for backend systems and integrate third-party services. This enables effective and flexible automation of sales transactions with your business partners, so you can upscale your B2B business.

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