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Industrial mobile apps

Proekspert develops industrial mobile apps that enable companies to remotely connect to their devices located anywhere in the world

Device security

Cloud connectivity

Apps and portals

These apps have many useful features. For example, 
bi-directional near-real-time connectivity collects and presents valuable data to allow remote monitoring and system control. Easily-scalable and extendable applications keep operational costs under control–one platform across all different product families.

Key features and benefits

  • A scalable- and modular system can support a variety of devices. 
  • Enables multiple users to control a single device concurrently. 
  • Enables users to manage numerous devices under a single account. 
  • Rapid integration of new devices. 
  • Real-time communication between an embedded device and app. 
  • Pairs systems with Android and iOS, using native libraries with native look and feel.
  • Proficient in communication protocols such as Protocol Buffers, REST, Web Socket, JSON-RPC and push notifications.
  • Platform concept  
    • Shared core logic: efficiently supporting several apps 
    • Shared design assets: an efficient way to update design elements across all apps 
    • Rebranding support: visually different, but the same under the skin
  • Development cycle includes strong quality control.
  • Continuously maintains and monitors apps in Google Play Store and Apple App store.

How it works

The native applications technical stack is flexible, it can and will adapt to a project’s needs.


Kotlin, Jetpack compose, Kotlin coroutines, Hilt, room, retrofit, firebase, Lottie.Testing: Mockk, Robolectric, unit, turbine


Swift, Fastlane, UIKit, Combine, SwiftFormat, RSwift, Lottie

Hybrid app development

React Native

Automated testing and E2E tests

Teamcity, Appium, Page Object and Espresso Robot patterns

Why Proekspert

Proekspert has comprehensive expertise in developing industrial mobile applications for a variety of companies.

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Proekspert has comprehensive expertise in developing custom integrations and remote cloud connectivity for industrial devices and machines. For 30 years, we have helped our clients develop custom solutions.

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