Proekspert Internship 2023

Real projects. Killer mentors. Exciting workshops. Fun events.

This year’s registration period is now over. Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned.

March 1-26

Sign-up period

Through April 9

Test assignment

Through April 30

Meet with Pro

On or before May 7

Candidates announced

Is a Proekspert internship for you?

You might be an IT student. Maybe you study engineering, economics, statistics, science, or robotics. Perhaps you’ve programmed a “Hello, World!” or have basic programming experience. Most importantly: you’ve got a keen interest in tech and want to make a career of it. You’ll need some technical background, of course, since otherwise you’ll unlikely make it past the dragon in our test–a sci-fi- and fantasy-inspired coding assignment in the style of an online treasure hunt. Our internship offers real value to junior-level people in the IT business.

If you’re the hottest tech talent around, this is the place to be!

Watch this video for a three-minute taste of Proekspert

What to expect from a Proekspert internship?

Proekspert internships are unpaid, flexible opportunities to look behind the scenes of the software business and gain two to three months of work experience. The internship’s length and tasks are agreed upon by you and your Proekspert internship lead. You’ll get a taste of theory, hands-on work, real projects, killer mentors, and fun!

Opportunities to remain with Proekspert depend on your performance and desire to stay with us, but also on the overall fit.

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Why Proekspert?

Proekspert was founded by engineers for engineers: a place where they themselves would love working. This was the foundation for a working culture that continues to define Proekspert even today, decades on: being humane, being direct, being natural.

We help device and machine manufacturers develop intelligent products and focus on customers through value-adding digital services.

How it works

  1. The application process kicks off with a sign-up period.
  2. After registration, everyone receives a test.
  3. Those with the best test results are invited to an interview.
  4. Winners are selected and offered an internship in Proekspert.

This year’s registration period is now over. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to catch the next one!

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