Summer Boot Camp

Real projects. Killer Mentors. Extreme fun.

Proekspert simplifies life through information technology and user-centric design. We load machines with intelligence and combine high-end design with the utmost usability. We focus on securely interconnected smart devices, machines and robots, their human interfaces, and intelligent automation. We’re technology experts and product development partners who turn ideas into finished commercial products.

We are always looking for young and talented IT students, because what is even better than lying under the Estonian summer sun?

Proekspert’s 2-week BOOT CAMP, of course!

The last Proekspert Summer Boot Camp was held at 3.06–14.06.2019. During the 2 weeks, we gave you a taste of theory, hands-on practical work, real projects, killer mentors and fun all the way! Take a look at the after-movie below.

If you consider yourself the best-mannered junior engineer and Java, Embedded, Front-end (React.js) is just your thing then stay tuned for the announcement of the next Proekspert Boot Camp.

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