July 4-8, 2022. Tallinn, Estonia

Summer Boot Camp 2022

One week. Real projects. Killer Mentors. Extreme fun. 

This year’s event is now over. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to catch the next one!

Until May 20

Registration open

On or before June 14

Final results announced

July 4-8

Boot Camp week

What’s even better than basking in the Estonian summer sun?

Proekspert’s one-week boot camp, of course! 

During one single week, you’ll get a taste of theory, hands-on work, real projects, killer mentors, and fun! You’ll get exposure to a variety of tech development areas, such as engineering, testing, DevOps, and product development. And you get all this without the mosquitoes, because it’s all held at the Proekspert office in Tallinn!

If you’re the hottest tech talent around, this is the place to be!

Check out video of the 2022 Proekspert Boot Camp experience

See also our 2019 video here

Is Boot Camp right for you?

You might be an IT student, or maybe you’re retraining for an IT career. Perhaps you’ve programmed a “Hello, World!” or have some basic programming experience. Most importantly: you’ve got a keen interest in tech and want to make a career of it. You’ll need some technical background, of course, since otherwise you’ll unlikely make it past the dragon in our test: a sci-fi- and fantasy-inspired coding assignment in the style of an online treasure hunt. But whether you’re starting or finishing your studies, Boot Camp offers real value to junior-level people in the IT business.

Boot Camp is ideal for those wanting a behind-the-scenes look at the software business. It also is a great opportunity to figure out how you fit into the business: should you be a developer, technical PO, Quality engineer, or DevOps engineer? Come see how the sausage is made!

Why Proekspert?

Proekspert simplifies life through information technology and user-centric design. We load machines with intelligence and combine high-end design with the utmost usability. We focus on securely interconnected smart devices, machines, robots, human interfaces, and intelligent automation. We’re technology experts and product development partners who turn ideas into finished commercial products.

How it works

  1. After registration, everyone receives a test.
  2. Those with the best results are invited for a group interview.
  3. Winners are selected and invited to Boot Camp.
This year’s event is now over.

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