Enhance personalization of your eCommerce platform by leveraging technology

Technology can bridge the gap between the way your eCommerce platform operates today and what will exceed your customer’s expectations in the future.

The eCommerce industry changes in response to the change in customer needs. This is seen in the way customers currently engage and interact with platforms. To keep growing, businesses need to react to changes. Technology can help you react in the most efficient way. 

The right application of technology will make your eCommerce platforms more intelligent and ready to serve user needs

The main expectations for eCommerce platforms are seamless interaction, convenience, and superior user experience.

The customer demands an interactive and convenient experience – it’s why they’re on your platform and why they buy from you. Technology helps drive that experience and assists companies in building scalable solutions, providing experiences with a human touch.

What exactly does smarter application mean? 

It does not mean that you have to overcrowd your eCommerce platform with trendy technology. This may lead to confusion and result in a decrease in usability and loyalty. Smart application is the ability to recognize user needs and employ the right technology in response, exceeding user expectations and driving loyalty. 

Here are three ways you can make your customers’ journey more personalized: 

  • Learn from data and analytics for better service design and experience. 
  • Automate your processes for increased efficiency and user convenience. 
  • Connect your supply chain, resulting in smarter digital logistics for customer-focused fulfillment.

Don’t assume – learn from your user

Leverage data for a more customer-driven and individualized experience.

Insights from analyzing collected data allow you to provide a more personalized customer journey online. For example:

  • suggest more relevant products
  • forecast consumer needs
  • react faster and be more flexible to changes
  • identify high- and low traffic areas 
  • have a more intuitive platform
  • identify areas that cause friction in user experience 
  • better demand forecasting 
  • enjoy a more localised and segmented customer experience 

If you have an eCommerce platformhttps://www.smartsy.me/et/shopify-koolitus-meistriklass, chances are you already have most of the information that you need to know about your customer. It is what you do and how you employ these data points that matters. Data in itself will not get you far. You need to use insights to create solutions that make your customers feel connected, remembered, and respected in the digital space.

Most importantly, leveraging data allows you to create an experience that is constantly evolving.

Ecommerce automation delivers increased efficiency and better user convenience 

The role of automation is to most efficiently use the time both worker and user.

Every growing eCommerce platform experiences an increase in repetitive tasks. Maintaining them manually is complex and decreases the ability to meet demand. 

That’s where automation comes in. Employing the right technology will help you automate tasks at all levels, processes, and intelligently-executed marketing campaigns delivered when needed. The results:

  • increased productivity 
  • cost savings 
  • increased efficiency 
  • reduced human error
  • better user convenience

Automation further allows you to personalize store offerings for each customer: customized landing pages, new product displays, and promotions that learn from a visitor’s shopping history. 

According to Business Insider, retailers that have implemented personalization strategies see sales gains of 6 to 10%.

Recently, Proekspert helped build a solution for cross-border money transfer that resulted in an enhanced customer experience and lower international remittance costs. Business-critical systems were automated and then linked with each other. Data dashboards were designed to support management decisions. This resulted in an enhanced and more personalized customer experience, as well as lower international remittance costs.

Have a look at your platform, study your process, and, if needed, turn to an experienced partner for the best tailored automation that will improve usability, experience and scale your business.

Data driven supply chain management enhances customer loyalty 

People use eCommerce platforms for convenience. They want their purchases delivered safe and fast, and they trust the platforms that deliver on their demands. As a result, they remain loyal to these platforms. 

The world’s best supply chains constantly innovate, employing the latest technology and strategies for improving their executive- and management processes.

When it comes to supply chain management, three key factors complement continuous improvements:

  • Transparency – Details such as availability of inventory, shipping, and customer information should be visible across the supply chain. This can be achieved with digital logistics and a more connected supply chain management. Transparency reduces the friction in processes and enables the quick identification of bottlenecks for fast reaction that maximizes customer satisfaction.
  • Quality – Identify the goals and the needs of your customers. Based on these, you can improve operational efficiency and quality control. 
  • Delivery – The flow of materials and services is what matters for customer satisfaction. It is crucial to receive exactly what you need and when you need it. A connected and intelligent supply chain directs flow and reduces disruptions. Data-driven logistics optimization can help to meet the current need for rapid fulfilment.

Embrace technology that best suits the needs of your platform and meets and exceeds user expectations when it comes to the products and services you provide.

Personalization is a continuous process; start now 

Habits, preferences, and expectations change. This is normal, since as humans progress in life, our needs and wants change accordingly. Luckily, technology also changes. It evolves with us, providing an extensive opportunity for us to grow, expand, and shift the boundaries of what is possible both offline and online.  

The tools exist to scale your eCommerce platform and to provide a more personalized experience. It’s possible to start employing and implementing them now. You don’t have to do it alone: engage an experienced partner who can support and execute your vision. 

Share your challenge with us and together we will find ways to deliver more value to your customers, scaling your business.

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