Ways technology can level up your ecommerce platform

Technology can realize your full potential and ensure unmatched customer experience, resulting in increased profits.

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The level of expectations is rising along with competition among ecommerce services and its providers. Sudden increased demand due to the recent pandemic created high operational volumes which resulted in technical difficulties, given the limitations of existing solutions and systems. 

The role of ecommerce platforms solutions

The role of ecommerce platforms has shifted, and they are now responsible for a significant percentage of overall profits for many businesses. It is now crucial to address challenges such as technological instability, non-intuitiveness for users, and a limited operational capacity to serve customers due to some manual steps involved. 

Some providers learned they are missing out on opportunities that their platforms can provide with the integration of smarter solutions, creating great customer value and driving significant profit. 

Customer value stands on three primary pillars:

  • Understanding: consisting of thorough customer research and analysis. 
  • Design: the process of designing the customer journey that corresponds to characteristics from customer insight. 
  • Delivery: the implementation of the designed customer journey and effective purchase funnel.

Technology allows us to make ecommerce platforms more intelligent, effectively addressing all customer value delivery pillars.

Potential of smart digital ecommerce platforms

The key to successful ecommerce solutions lies in a cost-effective, mostly automated process, intuitiveness, and security.

The benefits of a smart ecommerce platform allow you to: 

  • deliver on demand, 
  • forecast customer needs,  
  • ensure consistent service quality, 
  • save operational costs, 
  • drive customer loyalty and trust,
  • increase operational transparency, 
  • introduce new revenue streams,
  • have price flexibility.

Data-driven, on-site personalization improves the customer experience of your ecommerce platform 

People value experiences and services that are human-centered, which is often lost in the switch to online. Data-driven solutions can offer alternatives to bridge the experience gap. Artificial intelligence is being heavily employed in ecommerce and with a number of applications. One way AI can help is to find business-driven applications to use information about visitors, and then help adjust the site to their wants and needs. 

Data-driven solutions are the primary building blocks of smart ecommerce platforms which result in increased revenue and reduced bounce rates, they:

  • allow you to learn more about your customers and supply them with personalized experiences. 
  • help companies connect customer data with real-time insights to improve the shopping experience.
  • automate tasks such as customer support (for example warranty claims through chatbots to help customers 24/7) or generate timely offers.
  • optimize pricing, discounting and demand forecasting.

Automated ecommerce platforms increase efficiency and provide greater customer value 

Recently, Proekspert has helped build a solution for cross-border money transfer that resulted in an enhanced customer experience and lower international remittances costs. 

As a result of our partnership, the end-user enjoys intuitive service, where: 

  • money can be sent via cash or card from physical offices.
  • money transfers worldwide can be done through a web system.
  • low transaction fees are applied. It enables comparison with fees from competitive platforms.
  • the transaction speed is fast, averaging only 5 minutes. 
  • the transaction is secure, and all the security requirements are met.
  • customers experience excellent service at physical locations.

Our partners now have:

  • a healthy and efficient business model. 
  • data-driven analytics supporting decision making.

Business-critical systems were both automated and then linked with each other. Data dashboards were designed to support management decisions.

Responsive and intuitive service design result in customer loyalty

Physical and online service shouldn’t be seen as two different things. Don’t view your ecommerce platform as a webshop; you should look at it from the customer-experience perspective. Online ecommerce platforms with integrated smart systems offer great opportunities for your business’s entire customer journey.

Intuitive service means a frictionless user experience model that customers love using and returning to over and over again. 

In order to find the optimal approach that resonates with your users, it is necessary to test a great deal. An agile approach is essential to increasing the intuitiveness of your platform. Set the goal for your platform to be an unbiased advisor, serving in the best interests of users. And then make it happen, if necessary, engage an experienced partner. 

Listen, design, test and repeat your ecommerce platforms

Intuitively designed ecommerce platforms can: 

  • leverage social media channels to get the human touch.
  • increase brand awareness and engagement across all channels. 
  • drive customer activity and loyalty.
  • ensure successful purchase funnel performance.

Make your ecommerce platform more intelligent now

Today, it is more important than ever to listen to your customers and be where they are. Technology allows you to understand the needs of your customers better and gives you tools to engage and react fast. It is no longer sufficient to deliver on customer expectations: to sustain a successful ecommerce platform it is necessary to exceed them. 

Leverage technology to: 

Get closer to your customers and exceed your business goals with the help of technology. 

Share your ideas and challenges with us, and together we will find the best ways to level up your ecommerce solutions. Challenge us.

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