Factory automation tool allows to focus on a job and raise the engagement through gamification

Companies are constantly searching for innovative solutions to enhance employee engagement and productivity. Oshino Electronics, a leading assembly factory, faced a similar challenge in its testing department. Oshino Electronics team looked for ways to induce a motivational boost among operators and a way to stay focused on their value-creating tasks.

They had a factory automation tool in mind, that not only would streamline operations but also drive engagement through gamification. By combining Oshino’s electronics assembly manufacturing experience and Proekspert’s software design and development skills, the software tool named Yoshi was made.

How did Yoshi transform Oshino Electronics and how can Yoshi benefit manufacturing companies seeking similar solutions?

Features of Yoshi:

Motivation-driven automation

Yoshi arose from the need to elevate motivation levels and reduce distractions among assembly factory testing operators. Its primary goal was to enable employees to concentrate on core tasks while enhancing overall throughput.

Precise task measurement

Yoshi is designed to measure progress accurately for predefined operational tasks. It offers operators the freedom to choose their tasks and decide when and how to perform them, while still maintaining a structured approach.

More balanced, effective and engaged teams

Yoshi runs on touchscreen interface displays, showing an operator’s progress versus the team’s performance, as well as their own average. There are many different types of operations in electronic assembly manufacturing, some a better fit for some operators, depending on the operator’s individual characteristics. Transparency in personal performance makes people more aware of their strengths. This information allows people to assemble more effective operator teams, to divide tasks across the team, and operate most efficiently.

Performance analysis and feedback

Upon completion of a task, operators review their performance compared to previous results. Public dashboards showcase team- and product performance without revealing personal records, ensuring self-esteem remains intact.

Managerial insights

Yoshi collects statistics on team- and employee performance, enabling fact-based leadership and management decisions. Managers can identify motivated employees ready to take on higher responsibilities.

Early defect detection and manufacturing optimization

With the help of instant data, Yoshi enables production managers to identify defects or production obstacles in the early stages of production, issues that make the assembly process more difficult for technical reasons and therefore waste valuable seconds on the assembly manufacturing shop floor.

Transparent, paper-free environment

Yoshi provides a transparent, intuitive, and paper-free work environment. It simplifies documentation processes, allowing operators to focus on value creation rather than paperwork.

Catering to the new generation

To attract and retain the new generation of operators, gamification and healthy competition is crucial. Modern workers want challenges, not bureaucratic tasks. Thanks to Oshino’s human-centric culture, Yoshi helps to empower Operators and support their freedom of choice in their work goals.

Empowering career growth

Yoshi empowers operators with the freedom to choose operational tasks. This approach empowers and encourages employees to stay and grow within the company, enhancing brand loyalty.

Factory automation tools like Yoshi are vital for manufacturing growth

Yoshi is a remarkable factory automation tool that has successfully addressed the need for increased engagement and efficiency at Oshino Electronics. Its features make it an ideal choice for manufacturing companies looking to empower their workforce, streamline operations, and foster a culture of growth and innovation.

Tools like Yoshi are invaluable – they not only help to optimize processes and save time but also ensure that employees feel valued and motivated, ultimately contributing to the success and reputation of the manufacturer. Yoshi embraces automation, manufacturing data collection and analysis, and gamification, which pave the way for a brighter future in the manufacturing industry, where both productivity and employee satisfaction thrive.

The Yoshi – Operator Interface increased engagement of shop floor operators by 100%.

Ingvar Kuusk, CEO, OSHINO Electronics Estonia OÜ

Skills and services Proekspert provided:

Analysis, UX/UI design, ERP integration and software developmentMS SQL, Azure, ASP.NET, ERP-integration, ReactJS
As our serviceAnalysis, UX/UI design, ERP-integration and software development
To ensure qualityUnit testing, manual testing

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