Combining psychology with philosophy: a wholesome approach towards making a happy company

A circle of development that makes sense on both personal and business level is quite hard to come by. By combining personal professional goals with the one of the company, Proekspert has once again succeeded where others often have a long way to go: apart from being known and respected for our work, Proekspert has now also become known for the quality of our personnel program. The program was implemented only a couple of years ago, but since then, we have seen a return of masters to our team, a growth in satisfaction and in motivation, and also higher media presence when it comes to the company itself. But more important than awards, is the very fact that we live and breathe the program every day.

Proekspert follows a yearly circle of activities, each of them grouped according to the seasons. Every “season” has a clear mission in supporting the wholesome development of both the people and the company. In springtime, we focus on new beginnings and look for new people to join our team. Hence, this is the time we are the most active in the IT job market and in talking to students. And when the new faces have already joined, we make sure that every person has sufficient time to melt in and talk to the people they need. The next step is very natural – summer is a time for communication and establishing relationships: the time for mentor programmes and ProUniveristy activities. This is the time of the year when management protocols are made available for everyone, company newsletter gets published (on paper!) and of course, when football gets played.
Autumn, however, is about in-depth personal development and achievements, about getting active in the professional gilds and sitting down for the best autumnal feasts (or laying down for well-deserved massages). This is the time when the people who arrived in the beginning of the year start reaching higher levels of professionalism, and we make sure to support them with their growing levels of responsibility. And then, there is winter, a season for summaries: a time for finding out how everyone is feeling about their job, a time for choosing the best projects of the year and recognising the people behind them. And then, we are once again ready to welcome new people into our team.

The change into seasonal development circles was topped by one additional move: Proekspert decided to renounce the leadership structure of the company, and to become a flat organisation in summer 2013. A true master step in the circle of relationships.

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