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Healthy living is important. In Estonia we live closely with nature, we understand the benefits of taking time to relax and be at one with our surroundings.

We would like to take you on a small journey and introduce you to 10 of our absolute favourite hiking trails that you can enjoy in 2018.

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1. Kakerdaja Fen hiking trail

A fen is a type of wetland mire. Kakerdaja is one of the largest fens in Kõrvemaa. It covers an area of approximately 1000 hectares. The most unique feature of this picturesque fen is that it has two levels of different height. Thousands of water birds stop on the fen in spring and autumn. Lake Kakerdaja can be found right in the middle of the fen.

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2. Viru Bog trail

Viru Bog is one of the most accessible bogs in Estonia. Complete with a 3.5-kilometre trail marked with signposts, it passes through the forest and marsh landscapes typical of Lahemaa National Park.

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3. Keila-Joa Park nature trail

This 3 km long round-shaped nature trail in Keila-Joa Park runs along the banks of the River Keila and through the Keila-Joa Park.

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4. Taevaskoda nature trail

Taevaskoda hiking trail is located in the Ahja River Landscape Reserve. The trail starts in the Saesaare car park and runs along both banks of the Ahja River, where the outcrops of Väike and Suur Taevaskoda, caves with springs and picturesque views catch your eye.

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5. Alatskivi hiking trail

The trail starts at Alatskivi or by the Bed of Kalevipoeg. Alatskivi Castle and Castle Park, Hirveaed Garden, the Oak of Loyalty, Sheep Bridge, Bed of Kalevipoeg, Lake Veskijärv and Lake Lossijärv are all along the track. The track is 4.5 km long.

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6. Oandu-Ikla hiking trail

The RMK hiking trail is the first hiking trail to pass through all of Estonia. Covering 370 km, the trail starts in Northern Estonian at Oandu in Lahemaa National Park and leads through the thick Kõrvemaa forests and then onto the Soomaa National Park—one of the most magnificent marshlands in Europe.

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7. Beaver Trail

Starting from the Soomaa National Park Visitor Centre, the Beaver Trail takes you through forested woods to see a number of beaver lodges and dams.

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8. Harilaiu hiking trails

Harilaiu Peninsula is the most beautiful and ancient part of Vilsandi National Park. It has been a protected area for fauna, flora and geology since 1924.

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9. Panga Cliff trail

The Panga Cliff stands, stark in colour, at a maximum height of 21 m, and runs for about 2.5 km! A vast slate, as all cliffs of Saaremaa are, wall reaching straight up from the surrounding beach, the cliff impacts its environment in a interesting way.

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10. Kiideva-Puise hiking trail

The trail is on the north coast of Matsalu Bay. The main part of the track is a 2.6-kilometre long section which starts near Kiideva and goes through the deciduous woodland and restored wooded meadow until it reaches Lõpre oak.

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Source: www.visitestonia.com

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