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A new place where we can improve the quality and the flow of our work – an inspiration nest.
When it was time to think about a new place where we could improve the quality and the flow of our work, we set our sights on Sõpruse 157. Proekspert moved to that address in November 2014, becoming the biggest tenant in the house.

Sõpruse 157 is Estonia’s first office building that is fully compliant with the conditions laid down in the International Green Building Certification. Every step in the building process has been undertaken with the green initiative in mind: the solutions used in Sõpruse 157 save around twice as much energy as the buildings in accordance with the current standards generally do. It takes many elements to make an office building this friendly to the environment – the isolation, heating, ventilation and electrical solutions all work together to guarantee the extraordinarily low energy consumption of the house.

The four-storied house gets its energy from underground. Its geothermal heating system is based on 65 energy rods that render both the winter time heating and the summer time cooling process 50% cheaper. In addition to the common sewage system, a special rain water tank is in place under the building whence the filtered water gets transported into the toilets. This saves around 75% from the regular water bills – a massive difference when it comes to a building with 2600 sq meters of rent surface.

The building’s facade, window and roof isolation are 1.5 times more efficient than similar solutions for regular office buildings. The windowed facade of Sõpruse 157 is covered with horizontal shutters to protect the people (and our computer screens) from the brightness of the summer sun, and to significantly diminish the energy used for cooling the building during the warmer months. The interior design makes use of a large amount of natural materials and the office building’s general purpose areas are lit with energy-saving LED lighting solutions. Since the house is friendly both to nature and people, it also comes with showers, a special room for bicycles and a charging station for electric vehicles. And with 76 parking spaces.

We are thankful to Seven Real Estate Advisors for helping us to make the move happen. And to Mitt & Perlebach OÜ, Siili Ärimaja OÜ and Hepsor OÜ, for bringing Estonia’s first eco office building to life.

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