Proekspert celebrated its 28th birthday with the whole company – virtually!

We are very grateful for the opportunity to celebrate Proekspert’s 28th birthday with our employees! But next time, we’re definitely going to meet in person.

When you value your work culture as much as we do, you’ve got to work twice as hard to maintain when you can’t physically be together. So that’s exactly what we did!

More than 150 employees of Proekspert gathered online from our home offices on April 8th. Every single employee received a surprise gift box shipped to their home before the celebration.

During the party, Proekspert founders recounted funny incidents from the early days of Proekspert. Andrus Suitsu recalled a Christmas party long ago where every employee was given a can of imported beer. “We were thinking, ‘Wow, one day when Proekspert is doing really well, we’ll buy as much beer as we want.’ I’m happy to say that wish has come true!”

Our employees also shared witty tips about working from home via videos they’d made beforehand. 

And we had colleagues join us from far-flung regions of the Proekspert world, including Portugal!

Our go-to sales and business development person Rui (who started as a software engineer at Proekspert 13 years ago) and his family celebrating Proekspert birthday in Valango, Portugal. Rui promised to bring everyone local candies, port wine, and sunshine once he returns to Estonia.

The event was broadcast from a studio where a variety of workshops were held to share tips about improving your memory to remember the important stuff, about mindfulness and mental kung-fu, about cooking healthy breakfasts, a body-weight workout session, and even video games. 

We also had a Kahoot quiz about Proekspert’s 28-year history. 

The whole event was humorously led by Stewart Johnson, who bills himself as Estonia’s worst American comedian.

We’re grateful that we had the chance to celebrate Proekspert’s 28th birthday with our employees! For a couple of hours it really did feel like we were together! Next time, though, we’re planning on meeting in person. As our CEO Marko Sverdlik put it: “The first thing I want to happen when we can all come together in a physical space: throw a really good party. And also I would like to give a high five and hug to everybody.”

Our CEO Marko, software engineer Kadri-Liis, and Aleksandra the Internal Networker.
The event was broadcast from the Radiustech Production studio. Milestone Events helped us pull the interactive event together.
Nutritionist Elis Nikolai giving tips about healthy and easy-to-make breakfast ideas. This is one of a variety of workshops that were held at the party.
Marko presenting the fun masks he handmade during the event. This one by Marko turned out to be more of a party antenna tuned to catch good vibes.

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