Proekspert presents: Microsoft Hololens at Tallinna Kaubamaja

Proekspert presents: Microsoft HoloLens at Tallinna Kaubamaja
A new world of mixed reality experience is waiting for us all ‒ we at Proekspert are really excited! We want to share the new toys with you, so you can also experience augmented reality for yourself!

Visit Kaubamaja’s digital pop-up store in the Menswear Department (3rd level) at Tallinna Kaubamaja on Fridays 16.00 ‒19.00 and Saturdays 12.00 ‒ 16.00 in March. We have one HoloLens there for anyone interested in playing with this exciting new tech.

What is mixed reality and why is it so much cooler than virtual reality?Virtual reality is actually quite old news, dating back almost 20 years. We have all heard about Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, PlayStation VR and others that are trying to give you the experience of being inside a computer game or movie. This uses software to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment and simulate your physical presence in that environment. Mixed reality uses your real surroundings as a canvas: people, places, and objects from the real and virtual worlds merge together in a blended environment that becomes the new reality, or mixed reality. You can pat a dinosaur in your own living room, sit with a friend living on another continent, move digital furniture around before shopping online and much more.
Take a look:

Holoportation – as close to real teleportation as we can get
One of our favorite mixed reality ideas is holoportation ‒ as close to real teleportation as we can get in the near future. Microsoft is developing virtual 3-D teleportation in real time. This might just be a Skype call made more fun ‒ or it might change the way people communicate in the future. From business conferences to spending time with distant friends and family:

New business opportunities
Though these headsets are still new, they could have a huge impact on commerce. Here are just some examples of the opportunities.

• Mixed reality dressing room. You do not have to get hot under the collar carrying around loads of clothes, just make yourself comfortable and try out a shop full of items (IF this concept sounds anything like comfortable to you).
• Enhanced online shopping. You can drag an item from a digital store to your living room and move it around to check if it really fits your room. Online shopping will not be a leap of faith anymore.
• Showroom opportunities: in a mixed reality world you can look at a life-size product almost like it’s actually there. With the complexity 3D modelling offers, you’re pretty much downloading a product for your personal education. Take a look what Volvo has already done.
• Interior design. This is not only about shopping for an armchair, but the ability to test out a whole set of furniture, interior design not only for homes, but for example for fairs, exhibitions and operating rooms.

• Enhanced real estate sales. Imagine walking around with potential customers and showing them future buildings using layers of detailing “projected” onto real objects in space.

• Mixed reality solutions across the entire product development process enable engineers and designers to iterate together in real-time. Faster prototyping, more confident decisions, and more efficient cooperation in mixed reality are the future of product design.

• Would you like to have your personal mixed reality tutor for virtual piano lessons in your favourite location?
• Imagine flat illustrations become 3D images for students for explore, alter, and examine from every angle.

Michelle Evans writes in Forbes: “Broadly speaking, these technologies can drive foot traffic, create new brand experiences or even establish a virtual storefront. Many in commerce, from retailers to travel agents, are experimenting with these new technologies to enable consumers to visualize or experience what they are about to purchase – giving way to a new reality for commerce.”

Are you interested in what opportunities mixed reality could offer your business?

Contact us and let’s discuss the future!

Proekspert is a Microsoft partner.

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