Proekspert Wins Recognition at the Estonian Design Awards

Proekspert’s new tool Pulse was a nominee in the graphical and web design category at the 2018 Estonian Design Awards and received the Bronze award for Digital / User Experience.

The Estonian Design Awards gather awards of various areas into one place to amplify the voice and message of design in society. Prizes are bestowed for product design, graphic design, web design and service design that solves problems, is aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The graphics and web design awards are given annually as part of the Estonian Design Awards by ADC*E (Art Directors Club Estonia).

This year’s competition saw in total 415 nominees, of which thirty of them received an award, including Proeksert’s Pulse for digital & user experience. The user experience category (under graphics and web design) is assessed by following the tool’s process by the consumption of information, combined with its fluidity and ingenuity.

This category includes digital solutions that have a primary emphasis on user experience development and innovation.

Pulse – a managing tool for a managers-free organization

Pulse has been designed to support our flat organization, enabling people to share information about themselves, and helps them by giving them information about available projects/challenges, so they can search for new opportunities and be found by project leaders.

Users do this by setting up a profile with their skills and experiences; searching for others based on their profile, posting and finding new projects, and automating previously manual tasks like filling out CVs.

Pulse introduces innovative features including:

  • Skill-based lookup: Finding in-house talent went from “people I know that might know someone” to fundamental cross-company skill-based lookup.
  • Modular CV generation: Sending CV-s to clients went from a painfully manual process that took time from talent and HR, plus needing a designer to design an easy “save to PDF” from existing information.
  • Posting new challenges: Advertising upcoming projects transformed from people being assigned to posting up AD-s or “challenges” so others can apply themselves.

Our company’s mindset is human-centric – if we do something for our employees, we keep their interest in mind. We want it to be useful to ourselves – otherwise, it’s just a chore.

Winning the bronze award for user experience at the Estonian Design Awards demonstrates our mindset. If you would like us to help you out with your digital solution also, contact us here.

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