We invite you to “Technology. Human Capacity. Awareness.” conference

03. May will see the  Conscious Initiative conference, “Technology. Human Capacity. Awareness.”, take place in Tallinn, Estonia. Among other experts, Terry London and Peeter Meos from Proekspert will take to the stage to give their thoughts and ideas on technology, human capacity and consciousness: how do we need to change our way of acting, learning and working in face of automation, AI and VR solutions?

We will discuss ethics and new challenges facing doing business in an automated world. Not forgetting the human factor, we will seek answers to questions like, why human thinking is slower than machine thinking and why we should learn to use our own awareness/consciousness based skills such as creativity, insight and intuition that enable innovation.

We are happy to invite you to participate, share your insights and inspiration:
Agenda, registration and tickets.

Some insights: in last year´s report, the McKinsey Global Institute found that up to 800 million global workers are set to lose their jobs by 2030 through robotic automation. We are experiencing no less than the Forth Industrial Revolution right now that is larger than the previous three by far by scale, scope, and complexity. Also, the speed of technological breakthroughs has no precedent. When compared with previous technological revolutions, the forth is evolving at an exponential pace rather than linear, disrupting almost every industry and creating tremendous potential and new possibilities. The revolution has the potential to improve the quality of human life, but it also has some considerable threats, among these also some unseen developments in AI segment. Proekspert´s mission is to create the world where smart machines improve human life, not threaten it. That is why we also participate in the dialogue on how to make the transition.

Some of our thoughts about these topics:
Would you trust AI with your life?
Unknown unknowns and Industry 4.0

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