Welcome Triin Sepp, our new CEO!

Effective March 1, 2022, Marko Sverdlik passes the baton to Triin Sepp who assumes leadership of Proekspert.

Triin Sepp

As Proekspert’s new leader, Triin Sepp will focus on preserving and developing the company’s unique culture that is strongly rooted in engineering, design thinking, and employee satisfaction.

“Building on the company’s core strengths, our aim is to increase added value for our customers. In the long term, we aim to become the preferred partner for top European electrical equipment manufacturers,” said Triin.

Triin has been with Proekspert for over six years, proving herself in a number of different roles across a wide range of areas, while also contributing significantly to the development of corporate culture and strategic planning. Her rich and varied professional experience is complemented by Master’s degrees in systems engineering and international business management, and also an Executive MBA. In her spare time, she enjoys sailing and spending time with her four children.

According to Allan Urb, Chairman of Proekspert’s Supervisory Board, it was ideal to find the next CEO from among the company’s own workforce. “In addition to being well-versed in our company culture, Triin brings in-depth knowledge, extensive experience and a wide-ranging network of contacts for implementing our strategy,” commented Urb.

Our outgoing CEO Marko Sverdlik spent the past 13 years at the helm.

“It is a long time to stay in one role,” said Marko. “During this period, we have learned, evolved and achieved a tremendous amount. I feel that now is a good time to move on and give way to new ideas and energy.”

Under Marko’s leadership, the company was repurchased from the Danish energy giant Danfoss. Proekspert grew into an organization of 160 employees, with 42 of them also shareholders. The company’s turnover increased threefold, reaching 12 million euros in 2021, with 90% attributable to export. Since 2013, Proekspert has operated as a bossless company, with decision-making delegated to self-organizing teams, which have garnered international recognition for this innovative approach.

Established in 1993 by a group of Estonian engineers, Proekspert focuses on software development and human-centric digital services, while also helping customers develop securely connected smart devices and organize their remote management. The company’s key customers include Danfoss, Stiebel Eltron and Telia Finland.

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