Case study Digital services
Reducing costs by relieving customer care of routine tasks

A self-service app for a Nordic telecom company

How a Nordic telecom was able to increase sales and reduce workload of customer care with a self-service mobile app.

Jobs done

  • Self-service environments that drive customer purchases.
  • Business process automation

Technology stack and competencies

  • Mobile app design and development
  • Self-service interfaces and portal design and development
  • UI/UX design for user app
  • Microservices and transactions

Frameworks used

  • Kotlin
  • Microservices (Kubernetes)
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Firebase
  • Google Analytics
  • Android and iOS platforms

Growth required streamlining report collection

Our client is a top Nordic telecom that provides extensive services to a wide variety of customers, from consumers to large businesses.

The customer care department was swamped with phone calls for minor issues like invoices and connection quality. Their first goal was to reduce the customer service workload and costs.

The second goal was related to changing customer habits. Most of our client’s customers were using an already available self-service portal. The portal had multiple functionalities supporting most features to manage services related to their subscriptions. But numbers showed that more and more customers wanted to use a mobile browser, instead of desktop browsers.

The solution was to take service accessibility to the next level and create a modern app for mobile devices that enables customers to access the same services that already were available via their online self-service portal.

Building a native mobile app to offer round-the-clock self-service

Proekspert was trusted to create a mobile app for customer self-service. Proekspert’s goal was to develop a native mobile app that would give customers the maximum number of services available on our client’s web page.

In addition to being good looking and easy to use, the app needed to measure up to our client’s standards of consistent service in the omnichannel model: great service regardless of platform.

Rather than tackling all platforms simultaneously, Proekspert began with iOS, enabling the discovery of pitfalls on one platform before later turning to Android. The app would function in multiple languages, and generate push notifications about invoices and special offers. It also would offer flexibility to reorder offers to match the goals and speed requirements of our client’s B2B customer business.

Proekspert enabled very efficient cooperation by assigning a single point of connection: the customer did not have to chat with multiple people to be sure that the information was true. The customer appreciated this approach since it enabled us to share information with the whole team efficiently.

The self-service mobile app more than quadrupled customer engagement

The new app offers a 24/7 chat function, making our client the only market player to offer round-the-clock service. More than 90% of our client’s web services can now be accessed via the mobile app.

The chatbot handles about half of inquiries. Since a good service rep can handle five customers at a time via chat, yet only one via voice, a good app means significant savings.

The new modern native app’s monthly unique users rocketed from 30,000 to 130,000. The workload for the customer care department decreased significantly.

Impact on the customer business

Our client achieved their goal to adapt to its customers’ needs and therefore grow its business.

  • Scalable service reach. With the new 24/7 self-service app, our client was able to engage more existing customers and therefore increase sales even for B2B customers.
  • Our client reduced customer care service costs significantly. The number of requests to the customer support center decreased notably.
  • Our client cost-effectively innovated customer care service. By enabling chat and chatbot, the client was able to handle five times more requests in parallel.

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