Testing and calibration software for mining truck weighing solutions

Client challenge

Our client is a recognized leader in the field of industrial weighing and force measurement, who needed to upgrade software for its customers in the mining truck industry. ​

For this project our customer developed and modified existing weighing solution software for a new client’s requirements.​

The challenge: Develop and modify calibration and testing software for an upgraded weighing solution. Prior to Proekspert’s entry into the project, processes of testing and calibration of load cells were manual, software had limited functionality, and used only one industrial protocol – J1939. Our customer needed to upgrade the software and add another protocol – CANopen.

Solution at a glance

1. Our team automated the entire process of testing and calibrating load cells and also made it possible for the software to operate with both protocols depending on the device being used (older devices needed still J1939, newer ones operated with CANopen).

Functionality included:

  • Control and reading of digital multimeters
  • Automation of calibration/verification
  • Automation of power-up test
  • Automation of roll/pitch test
  • Automation of temperature calibration test

2. Implementation of CANopen protocol.
Protocol selection options available according to the customer’s specific device.

3. Implementation of a separate tool for “weight handler” test.


C#, WinForms, .Net Framework 4.8, CANopen

Project duration

June 2022 – February 2023


Efficient automated testing and calibration processes. Reduction in man-hours and increased quality.

Possibility to test and calibrate both new and old versions of the on-board measuring device with the same software.

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