IoT-cloud integration and applications

Enable easy and remote management for your IoT devices

We make sure your products are cloud accessible 24/7, so you can provide smart services faster.

  • Scale your product reach

  • Innovate with balanced product cost

  • Reduce product maintenance costs

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Outgrowing your current online service platform?

Your product business is successful, your products are connected and online. Over the last decade, the innovative capability of monitoring and controlling your products over the internet has made you a market leader. You and your customers and partners have enjoyed significant growth year on year. Your R&D has a product portfolio strategy that envisions your next connected device. But demands on infrastructure grow in parallel with your business.

Have you noticed that the performance of your current online infrastructure struggles to keep up with the growth, and it will no longer scale seamlessly? Have you noticed that implementing innovative next-gen features gets more costly with each cycle? That the cost of infrastructure upkeep is not balanced or aligned with actual usage?

Focus on your product or service, and let us take care of the tech

We connect your products to the cloud.

By connecting your product to the cloud you can focus on making your products smarter and creating beneficial services for your customers and partners.

Your business can scale seamlessly hundreds of times so your products and services will reach more customers simultaneously. You are able to innovate your product and keep the cost in balance, so that product price doesn’t have to rise significantly. And you can reduce costs for maintenance and upkeep by a factor of 10!

Proekspert engineers are experienced in product-to-cloud integrations and complex system migrations. Trust the job to us and free yourself to focus on your core business.

Proekspert helps you to release your online product platform

From cloud adoption plan to 24/7 connected product

You’re the expert in making products. We are experts in connecting industrial products and appliances to the cloud. We make your product 24/7 securely accessible over the internet so that users can control it remotely, observe the operational data or monitor its condition. By combining our tech skills and your industry experience we can help you bring your innovative next-gen product to online so it’s cost-effective to maintain and upgrade from anywhere over the internet.

How Proekspert supports you in bringing your products online

Your step 1:

Clarify business needs

  • Decide what impact you want to achieve for your business in the long-term by making your products 24/7 accessible over the cloud.
  • Make a strategic decision.

Proekspert contribution

  • We share and explain our variety of experiences about the success of connecting devices to the cloud for similar product businesses.
  • We deliver a realistic picture of what to expect and what can be achieved.

Your step 2:

Align adoption plan to business needs

  • Decide the expected short-term impact for the business.
  • Choose a product or module you want to make 24/7 available over the cloud.
  • Create a plan for advancing step by step.

Proekspert contribution

  • We help you choose a product that delivers maximum impact with lowest risk when made 24/7 available over the cloud.
  • We provide the plan, general architecture and estimates for your business, what cloud services to use, and how to implement the solution.

Your step 3:

Get cloud-ready

  • Optimize your processes to take advantage of cloud capabilities to effectively leverage new opportunities to grow your business.
  • Teach people to use the new service (1st- and 2nd-level support).

Proekspert contribution

  • We set up the cloud infrastructure.
  • We connect your product to the cloud.
  • We set up secure data service and implement or migrate current functionality from existing solutions.

Your step 4:

Evaluate, support and improve

  • Evaluate if the impact of the solution is up to your business expectations.
  • Evaluate what other product families or components you want to connect to the cloud.
  • Evaluate if and how you want to create value-adding services on top of your connected products.

Proekspert contribution

  • We are ready to go through the same cycle with the next product line.
  • We provide 3rd-level support and customization.
  • We also provide hosting and monitoring services if needed.

Our cloud development competencies

As an experienced cloud solution development and integration company, Proekspert provides full-cycle cloud solution development and integrates hardware products to streamline your business processes.

Cloud strategy and modernization

We help you choose the cloud deployment type, provider, and other cloud service parameters suitable for your business. We modernize existing cloud solutions.

  • Architecture design for an IoT solution
  • Business requirements and goals definition
  • Cloud modernization services
  • Cloud strategy
  • High availability, backup, and disaster recovery
  • IoT data strategy and data analytics
  • Software enhancement and modernization

Cloud infrastructure and implementation

We set up cloud infrastructure. We build and configure essential apps for controlling and monitoring system functions.

  • Administrator interface design
  • Cloud infrastructure and implementation
  • Cloud platform development
  • Device management

Hardware and third-party systems integration

We integrate products, third-party systems and devices with the cloud. We build and configure essential apps for controlling and monitoring integrated products and services.

  • API product design and development
  • Controllers / PLCs
  • Edge IoT Gateways
  • Integration testing
  • Integration with third-party APIs
  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Secure remote firmware update

Cloud data architecture, migration and visualization

We create data architecture. We migrate existing database systems. We create dashboards for visualizing data.

  • Advanced business analytics and reporting
  • Cloud migration
  • Data conversions, upgrades, and migrations
  • Data infrastructure
  • Data visualization and dashboards
  • Data warehouse architecture and development

IoT remote access application development

We enable remote control for your product or system. We develop mobile apps, web pages and APIs to control the product over the internet.

  • HMIs (human machine interfaces)
  • Kiosk interface design and development
  • Mobile app design and development
  • PC-tools interface design and development
  • Physical user interface design
  • UI/UX design for user apps

Advanced analytics service development

We build back-end analytics. We use data collected from sensors and systems and make it readable / understandable.

  • Advanced analytics and machine learning
  • Automated data classification
  • Automated image analysis
  • Computer vision / image recognition
  • Data sourcing and retrieval
  • Predictive analytics

Dedicated cloud application development

Proekspert delivers custom solutions engineered to be deployed to a cloud environment. Solutions incorporate security, resiliency and availability inherent to third-party IaaS and PaaS providers.

  • Cloud-native development
  • Enterprise software development
  • Industrial application UI design and development
  • Self-service interfaces and portal design and development
  • Technician interface design
  • UI solutions for operators

Secure cloud management and governance

We ensure high availability of cloud service. We stabilize and optimize cloud solutions. We ensure balanced security and accessibility. We manage backup and disaster recovery processes.

  • Cloud governance and security
  • DevOps
  • High availability, backup, and disaster recovery

Additional competencies

In cloud development we also practice:

  • Custom software development
  • Dashboard design
  • Data cleansing and transformation
  • Data science and AI development
  • Data storage and analytics
  • Descriptive analytics
  • Scalable cloud solutions
  • Software product development
  • Web back-end development
  • Web front-end design

Why choose Proekspert as your cloud development partner?

Proekspert software engineers have extensive experience in developing enterprise-level device-to-cloud integrations, from industrial applications to global networks of remotely controllable IoT devices. This gives clients the benefit of significant improvement in connected device manufacturing, cloud service upkeep efficiency, and new business opportunities. Our device-to-cloud connectivity solutions help you innovate with balanced product cost, scale your product reach, and also reduce product maintenance costs.

Expanded physical product functionality through cloud connectivity

Proekspert software engineers build cloud-based human-machine interfaces and integrate products to the cloud.

Our engineers can convert a device’s GUI into a cloud app so you can offer more functionality with the same amount of hardware, or even less. It also enables more cost-effective manufacturing.

24/7 online product through secure and stable cloud integration

Proekspert software engineers securely integrate devices to the cloud service so that product operations can be controlled and product firmware can be updated in confidence by users through numerous remote-access options for products in hazardous or hard-to-reach environments.

Scalable quality control and R&D with the help of machine learning and sensor data

Proekspert data scientists develop sensor data and computer vision technology for a variety of applications, like device condition monitoring and automated quality control.

This enables faster and more efficient and scalable R&D and quality control for your connected product line.

Cost-efficient scalable device-cloud platform

Proekspert cloud engineers develop scalable and expandable cloud platform setups so you can enjoy cost-effective and low-maintenance cloud service. You can scale the service and functionality according to needed performance loads.

Our engineers have built cost-efficient, device-cloud platforms where server cost per device became up to ten times cheaper versus traditional data center service.

Linking cloud to business strategy and IT modernization

By adopting cloud transformation, an organization can implement new technologies, faster respond to market needs, and scale business operations quickly.

The universal questions of CIOs and CTOs: How to formulate a comprehensive cloud computing and adoption strategy? How to get started with a cloud transformation strategy?

Proekspert, as part of our cloud migration consulting, believes in drawing a cloud transformation roadmap to best prepare clients and simplify their cloud transformation journeys.

Cloud transformation roadmap

Migrating to the cloud requires strategic planning. 

Business objectives, the data set, and key applications required to be moved will define which infrastructure, platform, and cloud security protocols are needed.

This cloud transformation roadmap is imperative for keeping migration on track and ensuring an organization remains productive throughout the transition.

A cloud transformation roadmap includes all of the following:

  1. Define your business objective: both short-term and long-term cloud visions
  2. Establish a core team responsible for the cloud transformation
  3. Outline possible cloud transformation constraints
  4. Establish cloud transformation metrics
  5. Choose an application to migrate
  6. Choose the right cloud provider
  7. Make sure your process is aligned with the GDPR

What is cloud transformation?

“Cloud transformation” means migrating an organization’s operations to the cloud in line with the company’s business objectives. Transferring to the cloud involves modifying, upgrading, and moving an organization’s applications from on-premise hardware. The applications might differ in complexity, purpose, and degree of urgency.

Why companies look up to the cloud – advantages of cloud technology

Technology executives leverage cloud technology to address a number of business and technology objectives. Here are some of the key advantages of cloud technology.

1. Faster time to market

The cloud allows businesses to reduce the time it takes to provision IT infrastructure, speeding delivery of IT projects critical to revenue growth or cost reduction. When utilized correctly, the cloud increases speed to market and helps foster business agility, giving you a heightened competitive advantage. 

2. Better business insights and decision making

Cloud computing and business intelligence are a natural partnership. Cloud computing serves as a repository for large volumes of data. It creates an ideal platform to provide business intelligence applications when businesses need to gather data from a wide range of devices and sources – anytime and anywhere.

3. Enhanced customer experience and service scalability

With the cloud, businesses can automate tasks and collect data to create more effective and personalized customer service, online experiences, and 24/7 access to integrated services.

Also, the cloud adds capacity to meet demand surges (in response to increasing customer usage, for example), as well as to scale new services faster.

4. Boosted innovation and agility

Cloud technology is the key enabler of digital transformation and fostering business agility. It allows ideas to be prototyped, tested, and brought to market faster. The cloud frees resources to focus on innovation, and aids expansion of product- and service features.

5. Ensured business continuity

Protecting data and systems is an integral part of business continuity planning. Re-accessing your data quickly allows you to conduct business as usual, minimizing downtime and productivity loss. The cloud enables organizations to worry less about downtime and more about getting their business to create more revenue.

6. Increased revenue potential

Cloud technology is too often seen as a way to reduce costs, when its most valuable benefit is as a strategic way to increase revenues. Revenue growth comes through faster innovation of products and processes, plus improved customer relationships through more targeted offers and better service and experiences.

Navigating the challenges of cloud transformation

There are hurdles in cloud adoption, but progressive organizations recognize and address them proactively. 

1. People and processes slow down cloud adoption

Cloud adoption initiatives are very similar to other organizational change management projects. A cloud initiative introduces a totally new set of technologies, with some roles displaced and new roles created. Workers must retool and obtain new skills.

How to transform your corporate culture to embrace the cloud? Any digital transformation should be seen as a case for organizational change that will benefit the entire company. We may turn to tools provided by organizational change management and process re-engineering fields.

2. Data loss and cloud security concerns

Third-party data storage is a primary concern when migrating to the cloud. Fortunately, the cloud’s security capabilities have matured significantly in recent years, substantially eliminating this as an obstacle.

Nevertheless, a reliable security and privacy strategy should be developed early on. Equally important is that a corporate culture evolves which ensures data security.

3. Costs

Unforeseen costs can be incurred during the move to the cloud. While cloud technology is cost-effective in the long term, cloud migration can be initially expensive, and more so if planning is not done properly. 

How to make sure your cloud adoption expenses are optimal? CTOs and CIOs often engage a cloud adoption partner to help put together a realistic cost plan before adopting cloud technology.

4. Not having the necessary expertise

Corporate leadership often wishes to adopt cloud computing services for their organization but have little idea of the amount of expertise required to minimize disruption. 

Finding the right cloud migration services partners can make or break your project. Organizations should ensure they work alongside a seasoned and expert team, which has demonstrable experience in cloud DevOps, cloud environments, cloud infrastructure, as well as business and industry knowledge.  

Additionally, this team needs to remain at an organization’s side post-implementation to ensure the cloud migration project plan went as expected and, if not, get the organization back on track.

5. Vendor lock-ins

Vendor management is a relevant concern in every cloud strategy. While there is no silver bullet for avoiding lock-in, there are ways to reduce the risk by adopting the following best practices.

  1. Create an exit strategy before signing an initial service agreement. 
  2. Build or migrate your applications to be as flexible and loosely coupled as possible. 
  3. Adopt a multi-cloud or hybrid strategy.

6. Concerns with data validation

A successful cloud migration depends on existing legacy data and validating it to fit within the cloud. 

Setting up a new cloud infrastructure migration requires extensive cloud migration consulting to ensure that data can be validated and “cleansed.” Migrating irrelevant data is an unnecessary expense.

Cloud transformation case studies

As technology becomes more digital, more and more organizations are embracing moving their operations to the cloud. Those who do witness the most competitive advantages in the marketplace.

At Proekspert, we have demonstrable experience delivering cloud transformation and other associated solutions to a broad range of business sectors.

The case studies below provide a better understanding of the skills and expertise we have and the benefits we have brought to businesses worldwide.

Read more about our clients’ successes.

Ways we can collaborate

We tend to collaborate with our clients using one of these four models.

Consultancy services

We join your teams, where we add extra capacity and expertise. We see it as a first step towards partnership.

Nearshore project team

We are an extended team within your project. We usually take responsibility for a particular area or sub-project, and together with you, we build the solution. We use tools and methods to achieve efficiency and transparency.

One-stop-shop or turnkey

You focus on the business. We deliver the solution. We still keep you involved, and we drive the solution development as expected.

Long-term partnership & product lifecycle support

Why partner with Proekspert

Not too big, not too small

We are big enough to have solid experience with global companies, but we are small enough to provide an excellent customer experience.

Holistic product development and added value

We have experience in the full development cycle – from embedded systems to delivering compelling add-on digital services. This saves you time and money.

Trusted by global OEMs

Proekspert has been delivering next-gen product development projects for multiple global OEMs like Danfoss, Stiebel Eltron Group, Alliance.

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