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Has anyone ever told you you’re not creative? Or perhaps you’ve told yourself that? Well, guess what: It’s simply not true. Everyone, regardless of age or occupation, possesses creativity, and it can, in fact, be cultivated and trained.

Here’s how to improve your creativity: Once a week, gather a group of people for 20 minutes and do one of the exercises on this page. Print one set of instructions for the group, plus a copy of the exercise for each member. Choose one person to take the role of Creative Champion, read the instructions, and note the timebox. The time limit for each step is listed in the instructions for every exercise.

I’m grateful to receive comments, improvements, and feedback. Together let’s cultivate creative minds all over the world! If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact me! Also, share your creative work on Instagram with the hashtags #Creative20 and #ProCreative.

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