Proekspert is looking for an Android developer to join a large-scale mobile application project

Proekspert seeks an Android developer to join the team creating a mobile app for a major telecom. Mikk Kärner, our Tech Product Lead and Architect, tells more.

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Currently, we are looking for an Android developer to join a large-scale project set to deliver a completely new application for a major company. spoke to Mikk Kärner, Proekspert’s Technical Product Lead and Architect, whose team the new developer will be joining.

Let’s start with the general background before discussing the job offer. How does Proekspert help meet business challenges? Is there a digital solution for every problem?

Generally, clients come to us with a specific challenge or issue. Sometimes we are expected to innovate and provide a completely new solution. Other times, we receive a more specific task. For example, for this project we need to develop a mobile self-service app for the largest telecom in our region. The app already exists, but we are giving it a complete makeover.

Concerning whether digital solves everything, it sometimes becomes evident that a client’s problem does not have a suitable digital solution and that the solution lies elsewhere. In this case, we tell the client that technology is not the solution. We do not fall into the trap of “the client said they want an application, so we need to throw something together.” Rather, we want to provide real benefits to our clients. In most cases, however, there is a digital solution to the problem.

What exactly is the assignment with this phone app?

It is basically a self-service app for a telecommunications company. As an example to help understand the assignment, take Telia in Estonia. Telia has a similar app, but for our project we’re talking about a scale several times larger, with many more functions and power.

The telecom must be able to receive and manage orders received through the smartphone app. Users need to be able to do all the things they can do in the self-service environment on the desktop, plus a little extra. Since a mobile device is quite different from desktop computers, we are obviously introducing functions that cannot exist on the desktop version. For example, the opportunity to find the service point closest to you based on location.

What are the main challenges here?

The main challenge is the size of the project. It will likely take a new developer more than a month to understand the project from end to end. With large projects, it often happens that people who have worked on it for an entire year still haven’t been exposed to all parts of the app.

From a technical point of view, this is a native app. One of the specifications of the project is that the app must support the client’s brand renewal campaign. The company itself updated its systems a few years ago, but the update of the application is entirely up to Proekspert. Essentially, it is an app built from scratch by Proekspert.

Our team

The project has become so large that you are now searching for a new developer for that specific team. Who exactly are you looking for?

That’s right. At this point, we would welcome a developer who is at least mid-level. Of course, we would also be pleased with a senior-level pro, but personality comes before skills. From a technical point of view, we expect the developer to be familiar with Kotlin and to have some experience with REST API.

The developer should also be able to take responsibility for supervising a junior developer, who has been on the project for more than six months. Of course, we would love innovation and the courage to think outside the box; proactiveness is probably the key word here.

Often, choosing between middle- and senior-level pros, the deciding factor is whether we think the person can blend in. We have a strong, international team; we communicate in English. Our people are social – before the restrictions, we all met up at least every two weeks, and one working day each week was set aside for socializing and working.

Our work is organized into two-week sprints. And between planning the sprints and meetings, we always had at least an hour-long lunch where we could talk about anything. In the current times, we have not been able to have lunch together as often, but our team still sticks together. Recently, we have organized team events outdoors: We went to the Kuutsemäe resort to ski, rode fatbikes in the Kõrvemaa nature conservation area, and other activities.

Why join the Proekspert team? And what happens when the project is completed?

The first reason to join Proekspert that comes to my mind is that we don’t have bosses. Nobody keeps nagging you to get something done quickly. Rather, we strive for doing things ourselves because it helps us improve. This also means there are no bosses who decide how and why something is done. Everything is decided via discussion. Those who know more say more, but everyone’s opinion is taken into account.

Outside activities

The second reason is certainly the very flexible schedule allowed, especially on our team. It is perfectly okay for a person to say in the morning that they need to take the cat to the vet or care for their children and that they are working only the second half of the day. It’s all a matter of communication. Mostly, working at Proekspert gives you the feeling that people care. Although there are already about 150 of us, the culture deliberately introduced from the very beginning makes us feel that we are still one big family.

Concerning the second question, the new developer will work specifically on this project for a good amount of time; however, we will not pressure them to remain with that project indefinitely. In general, our developers can still work on a variety of projects; we don’t lock anyone in.

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* This interview was first published in Estonian in the publication Geenius.

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