Manifesto for Secure Software Development

Proekspert has always embraced secure software practices. Proekspert embraces the ITL’s new manifesto for best practices.

From the very beginning, Proekspert has kept safety, security and precision in the sharpest focus. Since security is becoming more and more important, the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) has initiated a secure software development manifesto. 

For decades we’ve developed software to different sectors – ranging from banking to IoT. Therefore terms like OWASP, PCI DSS, ISO13849-1 PLd and SIL 2 are not unknown for us. Being an active member of ITL, it sounded logical to sign and join with the secure software development manifesto. 

In every software development project, Proekspert leverages the following principles:

  • Security by design – implementing best security practices of respective development framework/design patterns
  • Privacy by design – all personal data is adequately protected
  • Compliance – developed solution adheres to industry specific security standards
  • Confidentiality – software developed during the project is stored in secure repositories, no proprietary or confidential information is exposed to external parties, including modern AI tools
  • Risk awareness – deep discussion and explaining of potential security risks with customer

The Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) wanted to take on a greater role and responsibility in secure software development in Estonia and has created a manifesto, The Good Practice of Secure Software Development. They state: “At a time when digitization has become the norm in almost every field, it is necessary to pay serious attention to the security of the digital space.”

“We are very grateful to ITL for the initiation, raising the issue, and creating this manifesto. We hope many software development companies in Estonia will join this movement and secure software development will be standard practice in Estonia,” says Proekspert`s CEO Triin Sepp.

Read more here: Manifesto for secure software development | Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (

Estonian page: ITLis allkirjastati turvalise tarkvara arendamise manifest | Eesti Infotehnoloogia ja Telekommunikatsiooni Liit

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