Proekspert receives gold as Family-Friendly Employer

For the second period running, Estonia’s Ministry of Social Affairs has awarded Proekspert the Family-friendly Employer gold badge.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the government of Estonia has recognized and supported employers who value and take action to harmonize work and family life.  Proekspert is proud to have received the Family-Friendly Employer gold badge from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The award is intended to draw public attention to the need to support a family-friendly approach in organizations, and acknowledges those organizations who’ve taken steps toward that goal.

In most organizations, the combination of work, family, and private life automatically means creating more flexible conditions for workers with small children, but this flexibility is of equal importance to other workers, as well. For example, support from an employer may be needed by employees who have elderly relatives in their care, or employees who are both studying and working.

Family-friendly measures are proven to reduce employee burnout, stress, staff turnover, days of absence due to illness, as well as the number of workplace accidents. They also increase productivity, improve relations between management and labor, boost the employer’s competitiveness in the job market. Above all, these measures reduce inequality and improve the quality of life of employees and their families.

For employers that require labor with a specific skill set, studies show that the right combination of work- and family life is appealing. At Proekspert we take great pride in having achieved that balance for our employees.

Part of Proekspert’s success may be attributed to the community spirit fostered through company-wide events – a testament to the fact that there’s a lot more to a job than money. Many of our events include employees’ families, as well. And when there’s a new baby, financial support is paid to the employee’s family.

Tiina Sakkos, Proekspert’s Chief Culture and HR Officer says, It’s so refreshing when someone from outside your organization sees what you’re doing right and recognizes it. I’m just thrilled by this award.”

But don’t take it from us – read what our employees like about our culture. Here’s what they have to say:

“Proekspert lets me manage my private- and work lives in a way that suits me best. There’s support for me in areas where I’m not yet confident, and I have access to a variety of courses – financial skills, coping with stress, healthy lifestyle – to improve both work- and private life.”

“Children are always welcome at the office. And if the kids are ill, we can work from home. Proekspert even organizes events for our kids. Oh, and pets are also welcome at work. Coolio.”

“I’m teaching a seminar at a university and Proekspert is great about allowing me to balance my work- and teaching loads. There’s no need to slave away nine to five, but work when it suits you and your team.”

“Since we don’t have the traditional boss-subordinate structure, I feel that everyone on the team is equal and decisions are made together. This gives me a lot of decision-making power as an employee when it comes to setting objectives and methods to achieve them.”

“Proekspert provides financial support for our studies, and we’re encouraged to develop.”

My mental- and physical health is important to my employer. Speakers come to the office on a regular basis to talk about both these topics. There are a good number of health- and sports-related competitions, and there are all kinds of hobby- and sport groups.”

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