A few great reasons to join Proekspert

Proekspert prioritizes support for community spirit, health, and personal development.

According to Proekspert’s culture and HR leader, Tiina Sakkos, valuing health, community spirit and development is especially important for the company. Proekspert’s benefits package is directly tied to what the company values: caring for one’s health, professional- and personal development, and the integrity of individuals and the community. 

Much more than money

Of course there’s compensation. Proekspert was recently recognized as an equal salary payer by the talent advisory company, Fontes, testimony that, at Proekspert, compensation and benefits properly correspond to an employee’s role and contribution.

But because there’s a lot more to a job than money, Proekspert provides its employees with opportunities to live a well-balanced life. The company offers psychological counseling and guidance. Health benefits include not only health insurance, but covering the cost of eyeglasses, and reimbursement for athletic pursuits. Proekspert has supported its sports teams for years but, unfortunately, they are currently taking a break. Proekspert also reimburses its employees for the first days of illness – this way, employees can take care of themselves and stay at home even with mild symptoms.

Your personal development budget

Proekspert contributes to employees’ personal development by offering an annual training budget to be used as each employee sees fit. There’s also an in-house lecture program, where both foreign guests and Proekspert employees share their knowledge and experience.

Community spirit is fostered through company-wide events, plus smaller events for teams or hobby groups. Events are also organized for employees’ families. And when there’s a new baby, financial support is paid to the employee’s family. 

Profit sharing

Proekspert’s most significant financial benefit is the sharing of profits with employees. Employees are also rewarded for recommending new employees. 

As part of Proekspert’s length of service program, employees receive additional holiday leave the longer they work for the company. From the fifth year of service, all employees receive a day of additional paid holiday each year. 

Work from anywhere

Employees at Proekspert have always had the opportunity to work remotely, but few of us have preferred it in the past. Currently, of course, teleworking is the norm at Proekspert. 

Above all, employees know they are valued, and Proekspert will continue to create a work environment, whether at home or the office, that keeps people both healthy and happy.

Interested in joining Proekspert? Check out our current vacancies here.

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