Cloud migration and CX modernization for a global partner

Cloud modernization brought the scale needed to meet modern customer expectations

How a heat pump maker was able to turn its attention to building new products without abandoning existing systems – and all at a much lower cost.

Extensive business growth demanded a more scalable and user-friendly technology platform

Due to extensive business growth, a leading player in home heating began to outgrow its existing online service platform that allows homeowners and installers to control heat pumps from anywhere. This started to negatively affect customer feedback.

The company sought a strategic partner to help improve and optimize the control and monitoring of remote ground-source heat pumps. The online service had to be flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the business as it expands and develops, as well as be on par with the ever-changing expectations of end-users, whether homeowners and installers.

Stability and a smooth end-user experience were the client’s priorities – during the system update process, as well.

Two birds with one stone: Simultaneous cloud migration and improved CX

Proekspert was trusted with both tasks: to improve the software architecture and bring the system’s end-user experience to the next level.

Migration of the solution to the cloud

Proekspert rebuilt the system architecture so that it’s scalable and more efficient and modular – supporting multiple product upgrades simultaneously.

Functionalities were moved one by one to the cloud while replacing the existing code with a more efficient one. Proekspert provided Azure cloud hosting and moved all data servers to the cloud.

We are proud of the fact that we managed to deliver the improved solution gradually in a way that the end-user experienced only a system becoming better without any downtime annoyances that sometimes come with system updates.

Substantially improving the product and customer experience

Our design team was trusted to interview real end-users – homeowners and installers. Then we analyzed the existing solution thoroughly. Based on the collected data, we mapped product improvement needs.

We updated the online monitoring tool so that it enables timely action, a critical part of the service for end-users, making heat pumps a service as routine as water or electricity.

We helped to improve the overall customer experience in a way that the end-users actually felt the difference.

With the cloud, the client can focus on growth

As part of the continued innovation which has been the backbone of the client’s business for over 50 years, moving the online system to the cloud was a natural next step. This improved not only scalability but also flexibility and stability.

The cloud enables the customer’s remote control solution to keep up with business growth and changing customer needs. Installers can more conveniently monitor and troubleshoot issues on the go, and the client may use collected data to develop better and more energy-efficient products.

The new design is clean, intuitive, and user-friendly, and has proven to deliver a much better customer experience.

Impact on the client business

The solution is enjoying significant growth in usage, because it’s scalable and built to meet the growing needs of the end-customer.

  • Thanks to online operational data available, heat pump installers can support homeowner’s heat pumps more easily and at a lower cost.
  • Our client’s support call center load decreased significantly. A major part of complaint calls and emails ended immediately after improvements went live.
  • Our client is now focused on building new products, instead of servicing the existing system – all at a much lower cost.

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