Building confidence in cloud-tech choices

Technology evaluation for cloud data and analytics platform

Luminor, a major financial service provider had to choose a data warehouse platform. Proekspert analyzed total cost of ownership to aid in the decision

The challenge

Luminor was challenged with choosing the right data warehouse platform to serve them for years to come. They were faced with numerous modern cloud technologies on the market, a deadline set in stone, and internal resources already engaged for the next nine months.

Objective: Finding an ideal cloud data and analytics stack

Luminor wanted to make its choice with maximum confidence, avoiding endless customization of the chosen technology and unknowable expenses down the line. The choice had to be made before long-term investment decisions were made in the bank.

Our approach

Luminor involved Proekspert to evaluate a variety of cloud data and analytics technology stacks within Luminor’s limited timeframe. Business- and architectural use-case scenarios were implemented, a scoring matrix devised, and non-functional requirements assessed.

Technology stacks can be deceptive. At first glance, all competing platforms appeared to be compatible with Luminor’s needs. But not all platforms are created equal. The same qualified team may be able to get one platform up and running inside two hours. Yet the same team may require two weeks to implement another. Beware of potential maintenance overhead which may hide itself in early stages.

It is also important to know your vendor. How fast will the platform provide support? Can you afford to wait two months each time there’s a problem?

Over 300 scenarios were defined and run on competing platforms. Technology combinations were evaluated for suitability in the Luminor business context. Only platforms producing positive results within two weeks moved ahead in the selection process. Results were presented in bi-weekly demos and assessment reports.

Knowing total cost of ownership gives confidence

Proekspert’s assistance enabled Luminor to choose a data warehouse partner based on total cost of ownership and the partner’s compatibility with the Luminor culture. And it was all accomplished ahead of schedule.

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