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Self-service portal for Nordic telecom company's business customers

Customer care is expensive and labour intensive. We helped a Nordic telecom company reduce the overall workload of their customer support staff. Business clients were enabled to manage a considerable proportion of account actions and queries online.

Jobs done

  • Centralized portal to manage employees’ telecommunication accounts, subscriptions, and services.  
  • 360 view which consolidates diverse types of subscriptions and products into a single comfortable view. 
  • Dedicated flow for opening subscriptions where new ones can be opened in a matter of minutes. 
  • Utilized User Lifecycle Management (ULM) for sustainable and centralised user account data handling.

Technology stack and competencies

  • Node.js 
  • React.js 
  • TypeScript 
  • GraphQL 
  • PostgreSQL 
  • npm 
  • Java 
  • Magnolia CMS 
  • JavaScript 
  • jQuery 
  • FreeMarker 
  • Oracle DB 
  • Apache Maven 

Directing business customers to a portal streamlines the processes for both parties 

Business customers often hold more than one account, with some corporations or public service entities managing thousands of accounts simultaneously. Our solution takes the onus off the client’s support team and account managers, instead allowing their customers the freedom to manage their products and services in bulk. Furthermore, the system allows trusted clients the right to initiate and cancel subscriptions as employees come and go. 

They can manage all subscriptions, including land lines, internet, mobile connections, and a range of additional products, including security and firewall services, without having to contact customer care directly in majority of cases. Previously the functionality was limited, requiring business customers to login to separate portals for each service, all with different interfaces and credentials, which was both inconvenient and confusing. Our solution is a one-stop, single sign-on portal for all actions across the client’s services suite. 

The challenges faced contributed to a sleeker product 

Legacy integrations remain the ongoing issue when working with established companies with a complex history of mergers and expansions. Our approach is to utilise the output and functionality of such systems, acknowledging their limitations and building with the future in mind, so that our contributions will be ready for any legacy upgrades or replacements when they inevitably come along. Despite limitations, the evolution of this project and current value is a source of pride for Proekspert. 

For business customers, saving time is everything 

One of the main benefits of this new system for business clients is speed. Getting both simple and complex assignments done quickly, without delay and in the same portal, is vital for today’s companies. To be able to file complaints, issues, or more complex needs by filling in and submitting a simple form saves time and is a much more efficient process for the client and their customers. Issues that needed addressing can be dealt with faster and other tasks prioritised accordingly. 

15,000 unique monthly users and up to 100 simultaneous users now benefit from this cleaner, faster portal. Reduction of customer support costs was one of the main aims for the client and saving time a core consideration for their customers. 

User-centric approach across business and consumer platforms 

With business portal’s integration with User Lifecycle Management (ULM), a centralized user account data management system, we shifted focus to more user-centric approach, where authenticated user could log in and choose, whether they would like to manage their personal subscriptions on consumer’s side or their company’s subscriptions in business portal. That way, user data could be preserved in one system instead of several, without adding extra complexity to cross-platform way of working. 

Providing a one-stop shop is the best way forward 

One of the client’s aims is to be a broker of services, and this portal takes the first steps along that journey. It has the potential to include products from third parties, portfolio companies and their subscriptions, all in one place.  

Dealing with customers that have 50,000 plus subscriptions requires a streamlined solution. Having the tools in place to service such demands strengthens the client’s hand when looking to win the kind of large, profitable contracts required to stay relevant well into the next decade and beyond.

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