Device parameters management solution

Optimize device parameter versioning, parameter dependencies, and localization.

Proekspert helps device manufacturers with ad-hoc centralized solution for device variants database management

When your portfolio of devices holds a multitude of device types and variants, it’s a challenge to keep device parameter specs congruent.

Proekspert has decades of experience optimizing solutions that handle device parameters versioning and crucially-related topics like parameter dependencies and localization.

Our solution is used in scenarios like:

1. Defining and maintaining specifications of parameters for all your device variants is challenging and prone to incongruences, but big SPLE solutions will be overwhelming for your scenario. 

Spreadsheets are excellent tools, but their complexity tends to grow exponentially with the number of device variants, options, and dependencies between parameters that need to be handled. 

Our web-based platform solution helps to keep all information centralized, congruent, and easily accessible by authorized users. 

2. You have software tools or digital services that need to support a multitude of device types and variants. 

Our solution can generate help classes and libraries in the most popular programming languages to make things straightforward for your development teams or software partners to build applications that need to interact with device parameters. 

3. Your device software needs to be localized in multiple languages. 

Our solution helps you define and manage localization strings, it can interface with popular third-party localization tools or use AI to generate localized strings. 

Key features and benefits of our solution

  • Centralized web platform to manage the specifications of your device parameters, with users’ roles and permissions management. 
  • Code generation in the most popular programming languages like C++, .NET, Java, Kotlin, and Swift, that saves developer time to build software applications that need to interact with your device parameters. 
  • Extensions that allow handling localization for your device parameters, with integration to third-party localization tools or generation of localized strings using AI tools. Export of code and support files that makes it easy to use localized strings in your software. 
  • Extensions that let you define and manage dependencies between parameters, with export of code and libraries that makes it easy to reflect parameter dependencies in software tools that need to work with your devices. 

A view from our demo application:

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