Build a resilient business with the help of technology

By using technology, there are several ways that companies can recover from the pandemic faster, creating more resilient businesses in the long-term future.

Build a resilient business

The pandemic presented a need to innovate. 

Current market demands for businesses now rely on more purposeful data-driven, digitalized operations, and customer experience. These are the business needs you can’t ignore anymore.

While companies prioritize safe and short-term reactive initiatives to sustain their business, here are several ways companies can speed up their recovery and develop new, more resilient businesses in the medium to long- term with the help of technology.

Increase efficiency by improving traceability and digitalized processes

The digitalization of manufacturing and its vast potential are essentials to remain afloat. 

Due to changing demand, production plans change on a much higher frequency, depending on the availability of raw materials, staff, assets, and actual demand, which require optimization. This can be achieved through the integration of enhanced traceability and digitalized processes.  

The main components of the manufacturing process are supply, warehouse, assembly, testing, and accounting. All operational areas can be optimized with the help of technology; we can do that with you starting from the most significant pain. 

Manufacturing digitalization allows for:

  • better quality control, 
  • more intelligent supply-chain, 
  • increased traceability for more evidence-based decision making, 
  • a decrease in the overall production time.

Manufacturing digitalization maximizes the return on investment 

In one of the recent cases, Proekspert helped a food processing company specializing in surimi-, fish- and flour products. The project’s goal was to protect the investment in the existing weighing system and enable integration with the production line without adding any new hardware.

The challenges: 

  • Poor traceability
  • Waste of human resources


  • The Proekspert team re-engineered an old system by building new software on the existing hardware. 
  • To enhance the data, the team integrated Evocon’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring software via the API, which enabled the pairing of weight data with its relevant product. 


  • Manual labor is no longer required for collecting, handling, or matching data. People are freed for more valuable work. 
  • Product visibility increases, the process is significantly faster, and operational costs decrease.   

The change enables production line work to be monitored, analyzed, and improvements implemented. Today better business decisions are made based on trusted data combined from a variety of sources and available in the management dashboard, dramatically speeding up the production process and saving operational cost.

Be where your customers are: Focus on making e-commerce solutions smarter and more intuitive 

The pandemic has put excessive pressure on many business aspects, including online self-service platforms. The amount of customers in e-commerce is growing, with some providers experiencing huge operational volumes. Initially, e-commerce solutions were meant to serve only a minor number of customers, and sustaining the rapidly increasing demand is challenging with the existing solutions and systems. 

Many businesses saw their e-commerce platforms being technologically unstable, non-intuitive for users, and with a limited operational capacity to serve customers, due to some manual steps involved. 

Digital self-service platforms

Digital self-service platforms allow to:

  • save time and deliver on demand, 
  • forecasting customer needs,  
  • ensure consistent service quality, 
  • save operational costs, 
  • drive customer loyalty and trust,
  • increase operational transparency, 
  • introduce new lines of service.

The key to successful e-commerce solutions lies in a cost-effective, fully automated process, intuitiveness, and service security.

Fully automated e-commerce solutions enhance efficiency and provide customer value 

Recently, Proekspert has helped build the solution for cross-border money transfer that resulted in enhanced customer experience and lower international remittances costs. As a result of our partnership, the end-user enjoys intuitive service, where: 

  • Money can be sent via cash or card from physical offices
  • Money transfers worldwide can be done through a web system
  • Low transaction fees are applied. To be precise, you can compare your win with other existing platforms
  • The transaction speed is fast, and it takes on average 5 minutes 
  • The transaction is secure, and all the security requirements are fulfilled 
  • Customers experience excellent service at physical locations

Our partners now have:

  • A healthy and efficient business model 
  • A data-driven analytics supporting decision making 

The business-critical systems were both automated and then linked with each other. Data dashboards were designed to support management decisions.

Scale your business by connecting your products

Cloud transformation allows for enhanced connectivity of your products, solutions refactoring, and updating technology stack, increasing the service’s reliability. All of these aspects result in increased profitability from new potential revenue streams and reduced operational costs. There will be no need to host the information on servers. 

Connecting your products with cloud migration

Connecting your products can be done by moving your work to the cloud, including the migration of apps, software programs, desktops, data, or an entire infrastructure in alignment with your business objectives. 

Cloud transformation allows for:

  • new potential revenue streams,
  • increased operational efficiency,
  • better compatibility,
  • optimization of business process costs, 
  • centralize network security, 
  • enhanced ability to react to user needs.

Cloud Transformation enables IT modernization in a variety of industries 

Proekspert has worked on the development of a heating system control application, to optimize and improve the control and monitoring of remote ground- source heat pumps and migration to the cloud. 

Moving the online system to the cloud brought scalability, flexibility, and stability. The online solution, together with the mobile application, allows the end-users to control their heat pump from anywhere. Installers can monitor and troubleshoot issues on the go; the collected data can be used to develop better and more energy-efficient products – sharable and reusable components for scalability.

If the problem arises, the reaction time to that problem has increased optimizing the efficiency of the units.

Don’t wait for something to happen – make it happen 

The new market realities have brought a lot of unexpected changes and challenges. To some extent, this is an excellent opportunity to rethink the new potential of your business, adapt, and flourish. 

Don’t blame the lack of technology; it is not the problem. 

Having technology at the core of your enterprise should be part of your survival plan now and into the future. All you need to do is to see the opportunity, find the right development partner, and take it. 

Digitalization is not the unknown; it is the present and the future.

We are here to help you! Share your challenge with us here, and let’s discuss how we can help you!

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