Increase business value through investment in cloud transformation

Cloud transformation is essential for businesses to stay competitive and agile in the current global business landscape. Leverage the cloud to deliver organizational success.

A recent report by McKinsey & Company concludes that leaders need to accelerate their journey to the cloud in order to digitize quickly and effectively. 

There is no better time to move to the cloud than now. Cloud transformation is a force of innovation and catalyzer of organizational growth. Innovation is never too early or too late, it is always the right time to innovate and digitize your business processes. 

Outlined below are some of the tangible benefits you can achieve already now through migrating to the cloud. 

Cloud transformation enables faster time to market

Companies often have an outdated IT infrastructure that makes it extremely challenging to keep up with increasing product and service demands and expectations. These aging legacy structures and applications need to be replaced for businesses to grow and develop at the competitive rate. Migrating to the cloud will allow your platforms to have the ability to deliver on demand and integrate new digital customer experiences much faster and more efficiently.

Cloud transformation can: 

  • lower company hardware costs 
  • integrate new processes and features fast 
  • ensure seamless service 
  • automate the development and testing of your applications
  • enable platforms that provide analytics necessary for business growth. 
  • make your IT infrastructure more agile and flexible.

Your customers need great products and experiences and they need them now. Cloud transformation will dramatically increase the speed with which you can innovate and bring new features and products to market before your competitors, making you the industry standard-setter. Cloud transformation will allow you to experiment with new innovations in search of ideas that work well for your business and your end users. 

Cloud transformation enables access to analytics resulting in more informed and effective business decisions 

Migrating to the cloud allows the support of highly distributed IoT networks. It opens up the capacity of cloud computing which provides valuable insights and universal access. Since services are platform independent, they are accessible across many devices. The only requirement is an internet connection.

  • enables faster and more effective data analysis than on-premise solutions.
  • increases mobility and productivity, since it allows staff to collaborate on projects more easily. 
  • increases storage capacity, since you pay for the amount of storage you need–increase or decrease storage as you go. (This is also extremely cost effective.)
  • handles enormous volumes of data coming from Internet of Things-related digital sensors.
  • supports the use of artificial intelligence and other systems that identify business opportunities.
  • solves operational problems much faster.
  • leverages automation to enhance cloud operations and outcomes with minimal human intervention.
  • provides a testing environment in which to efficiently create and test new products and services.

Cloud transformation enhances service scalability and the digital customer experience 

In a recent case for a global heating system provider, Proekspert delivered a full, cloud-based software solution that contributed to a single platform, allowing sharable and reusable components and service scalability.

Moving the customer’s online system to the cloud brought not only scalability, but also flexibility and stability. The online solution, together with a mobile application, allowed end users to control their heat pumps from anywhere. Installers may now monitor and troubleshoot issues on the go, and the customer may use collected data to develop better and more energy-efficient products.

Results of effective cloud migration:

  • Significant savings were had by examining how a system runs and making changes to the configuration.
  • End users expect a heat map to work flawlessly and, if a problem arises, action to be taken quickly. Proekspert built an online monitoring tool to enable timely action, a critical part of service for end users, making heat pumps a service as commonplace as water or electricity.
  • Even if not all users use the online solution, many are happy to know they have a trusted option available. The client is now focused on building new products, instead of servicing the existing system – all at much lower costs.

With smart algorithms and analytics enabled by the cloud, data is analyzed more effectively and a company can react to any changes significantly faster.

Cloud transformation drives innovation for your IT infrastructure and overall company culture 

Technology is only a part of the solution. The real challenge is integrating this technology into your company’s processes and culture. The technological capability and experience exist to ensure an effective cloud transformation for you. It is up to you to decide what is better for the comfort zone of your company and how far you are ready to stretch it in order to learn and develop.

Cloud transformation reduces the overall capital expenditure while maximising efficiency and productivity. Innovation never comes without risk. It is what you can gain in spite of these risks that matters. 

Cloud infrastructures stand at the core of many transformation initiatives 

A transformation is incomplete if it does not ultimately change your mindset, making you more innovative and less afraid to experiment. When you begin a cloud transformation, you will notice other aspects of your business that are technologically unfit for current demands. These will require change or upgrade.

In order to move to the cloud effectively, you may need to update some of your legacy systems. This will give a needed boost to your IT infrastructure innovation and open up many other technological possibilities.

Start the cloud transformation now. You are ready. 

Cloud transformation brings about many benefits for businesses across all industries. For it to be successful, you need a clear cloud transformation roadmap and, if necessary, engage an experienced partner. The cloud provides the agility, scalability, stability, flexibility and access to innovative analytics applications. All of your business development and operations can be improved with the cloud. Moreover, you can better connect with customers and improve and empower your employee culture. 

When opportunity is no longer interrupted by outdated technology, your team stops wasting time and resources and focuses on what matters most for bringing more value to your customers and your business. 

Begin your cloud transformation now. Share your challenge with us and together we will grow your business.

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