Ways technology can optimize your operational costs

Integrating technology into your business process can help to efficiently identify and resolve bottlenecks so your business can perform to its full potential.

Rather than digitalizing your business as a reactive measure, treat technology and digital transformation as an opportunity for a more profitable business model. Available technology offers a new set of opportunities for a business to operate on a level to live up to employee potential, fueling business outcomes that exceed customer expectations. 

92 percent of companies surveyed by McKinsey said their current business model would not remain economically viable if their industry keeps digitizing at its current rate. 

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a “nice to have,” but rather an integral part of keeping your business model operational and profitable. 

There is no universal formula to begin a digital transformation. Every business’s journey towards digital transformation is unique and case specific. However, the areas you can digitally transform now for a maximum ROI are:

  • Data analytics: Enhance processes to accelerate insights and improve business outcomes. 
  • Automation: Mundane or repetitive tasks can be automated for maximum efficiency, freeing workers for other responsibilities. 
  • User experience: Enhance the intuitiveness of platforms.

Manufacturing digitization allows for maximizing production efficiency

Integration of technology into the manufacturing process makes manufacturing more systemic, consistent, safer, and the production process more cost-efficient by: 

  • Accelerating time to market of new products and decreasing overall production time.
  • Enhancing the quality of products by faster identification and resolution of production issues.
  • Generating data and learning from it for more informed and focused decision making.

In one Proekspert case, our team conducted analysis for production process optimization to facilitate superior automated assembly cycle times, benchmark operational production, and eliminate variances in product quality. The proposed optimization increased equipment availability by 5%.

Production data from the manufacturing execution system

Relying on real-time production data from the manufacturing execution system (MES), and planning data from the enterprise resource planning (ERP), we produced an analysis that continuously identifies products and operations with the greatest potential for efficiency gains.

Based on operator work bookings and product complexity, our analysis tool identifies operators who worked fastest with the least variation in quality.

The most savings occurred when variance in functional and integration testing was decreased.

Technology makes eCommerce platforms more data-driven and intuitive

Technology is central to the level your eCommerce platform operates on and its potential to serve and exceed customer expectations. 

The right application of technology will make your eCommerce platforms more intelligent, personalized, and ready to serve user needs. A smart eCommerce platform allow you to: 

  • deliver on demand, 
  • forecast customer needs,  
  • ensure consistent service quality, 
  • save operational costs, 
  • drive customer loyalty and trust,
  • increase operational transparency, 
  • introduce new revenue streams,
  • have price flexibility.

Scale the performance model of your eCommerce platform with the help of technology

Customer reclaims are an issue for all manufacturers. Minimizing the probability of customer reclaims contributes to customer loyalty and overall customer satisfaction. 

Based on test and reclaims data of a client, Proekspert created a machine learning model able to predict future customer reclaims with approximately 80% accuracy

  • Classifier built to predict customer reclaims.
  • Process improvement recommendations provided.
  • Measurements optimally sequenced to reduce assembly time required.

Predictive insights enabled by embedded technological solutions establish future performance and measure potential customer reclaims, avoiding critical losses and increasing business profitability.

Cloud transformation enhances connectivity across all systems and products, scaling the business model

The modern business landscape requires advanced analytics in order to serve customers better and faster and bring new products and services to market more quickly and frequently. Traditional IT systems are not suited to provide such insights and drive digital transformation initiatives as they are limited in capacity, responsiveness, and are very costly to maintain. 

Cloud transformation resolves all of these concerns as it allows for:

  • enhanced connectivity of your products, 
  • solutions refactoring, 
  • updating the technology stack,
  • increasing the service’s reliability. 

The potential of cloud-driven solutions greatly affects the growth of your business, as it is central to a business model to work efficiently and be responsive to new market changes.

Proekspert developed a heating system control application to optimize and improve the control and monitoring of remote ground-source heat pumps and migration to the cloud.

Moving the online system to the cloud brought scalability, flexibility, and stability. The online solution, combined with a mobile application, now allows end-users to control their heat pumps from anywhere. Installers can monitor and troubleshoot issues on the go. Collected data can be used to develop better and more energy-efficient products with sharable and reusable components that allow for greater scalability. 

Optimize efficiency

If a problem arises, reaction time has increased, optimizing efficiency of the product.

Act now, so you don’t have to react later

The market constantly changes and evolves bringing new challenges. Technology gives you the possibility to be proactive in your response to changes and challenges, maximizing efficiency, and optimizing operational costs.

Embedding technology into your business model and processes should be part of your strategy to thrive in the marketplace. The technological opportunities are present. Find the right development partner, and act. 

Digital transformation is not a “nice to have” anymore. It is the present and the future.

Share your challenge with us, and let us help maximize your business efficiency!

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