Insights from 2023 trade fairs—what we learned

Proekspert representatives participated in numerous trade fairs this year, including embedded world23, Data Innovation Summit, Teknologia, Productronica, and SPS Fair, just to name a few.

Taivo Liiv, Proekspert’s business development lead, expressed his satisfaction with the resurgence of face-to-face events. “Even though online work is feasible, we like to meet people face to face because real problems tend to surface better in lively settings. In addition to understanding industry trends, trade fairs also give us the opportunity to showcase our custom software solutions for device manufacturers. After all, everybody can claim that they are experts. But not all can back that up by showing actual case studies and demonstrating how they have solved similar problems multiple times.”

embedded world

For the second time, Proekspert was represented at the embedded world Exhibition & Conference in Nuremberg, Germany from March 14-16.

“There is so much interesting happening in embedded systems at the moment,” said Proekspert’s embedded business unit lead Jukka Halttunen. “You have to keep up with technological challenges and make sure your solutions are innovative and sustainable. The topics we focused on at the fair were secure firmware updates and remote device management. Many industrial device manufacturing companies who we met acknowledged that software-level security is not enough anymore and they are looking for a solution to implement hardware-level security for their devices. We keep finding better and more effective solutions and plan to come back in 2024.”


Teknologia23, held November 7-9, in Helsinki, Finland, is the leading event in technology in the Nordic countries. The event centered around four key themes: the green transition, supply networks, the hydrogen industry, and artificial intelligence. 

Proekspert connected with partners and found new companies interested in our software solutions. Events in Finland are always interesting since our markets have a lot in common and face similar challenges.

Terry London, Proekspert Product Owner and Partner, said, “Our secure firmware update solution that we demoed at the fair ensures that individual devices cannot be compromised by attacks against device firmware, which is critical as companies prepare for the upcoming EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). The biggest learning was that even if most device manufacturers are aware of the upcoming EU CRA, very few of them are already preparing their devices and products for compliance. Hardware-level security requires lots of planning and work, not only at the device motherboard electronics level, but also work with the company’s IT-infrastructure and organization processes as well. Since the EU CRA has created a lot of questions for device manufacturers, we held a seminar at the fair and shared our knowledge regarding the matter.” You can see the overview of the presentation here.


The world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production, productronica, 2023,  took place November 14-17 in Munich, Germany.

Proekspert collaborated with the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, as a part of their mission to take companies to the world’s largest leading trade fair for electronics development.

Tiina Kalju, Proekspert IoT-Cloud Integration and Applications Lead, said, “A couple of years ago you could find a few electrical equipment manufacturers who did not have digital services enhancing their products–but not anymore. This was evident at all the fairs I attended in 2023. Remote management and control of complex devices has opened a new range of services and business models to many manufacturing companies. Cloud technologies have changed the ways manufacturers’ clients are using their products and services. I’m happy to see that our solutions in this field not only serve the current needs but also anticipate and address emerging needs before they become critical.”

Meet us in 2024

This year, Proekspert plans to attend more fairs, starting with the embedded world fair in Nuremberg, Germany, April 9-11.

Our location: Hall 4, Booth 4-380

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