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Connected products boost the efficiency of your business model

People want their problems to be solved in a personalized and intuitive way. Connected products give you access to customer insight which enables you to increase your market share via mass personalization.

We commit to your digital product delivery. Our software product development process ensures quality and security at each stage of development. An Agile approach, adapted to your way of working, and frequent releases, maximize transparency and minimize communication challenges by keeping all relevant stakeholders aligned.

What is connected product development?

A connected product is a device that is linked to another over the internet or cloud. Connected products share information concerning itself, its surrounding environment, and its users.

These products range from heavy industry, medical devices to smart products. All connected devices share data on their geographical location, their condition, and their usage.

The data that connected products share helps them work more efficiently, making their owners’ lives more comfortable and safer, and improving operations.

Connected product development is the process of enhancing, monitoring, and optimizing connected devices, simultaneously providing business intelligence data to improve a user experience.

Designing and connecting products involve significant expertise within a company organization to ensure that every product touchpoint is connected.

How we help

We build user-centric software development products in the most optimal way so you can take it to market and start earning faster. To lower investment risks, we start with technology research and design validation, which serve as the basis for further connected product development. Major business value comes once the connected product is on the market and customer insight is used for constant product upgrades.

Initial investigation – what tech to use?

You bring the product idea and an identified business need, then you prioritize shortlisted options provided by our technology feasibility study.

We identify the best technology available to solve the problem and make an unbiased shortlist of technology options through comparative analysis.

Our deliverable: Technology stack for further development is confirmed.

Rapid prototyping – proving the hypothesis.

You make decisions based on the input provided.

We build a solid team with the right mix of competencies needed for developing prototypes to validate and test the technology. The design is continuously validated by engaging end-users in the prototyping stage.

Our deliverable: Prototypes are built and tested, and the best option is chosen.

MVP – delivering on the core value.

You engage loyal costumers in testing the product for the first time.

We define the most important features shaping the scope of the MVP. Our cross-functional team is focused on building the first viable version of the product in short iterations.

Our deliverable: The product is shipped and validated by loyal customers. Product requirements are adjusted accordingly.

Connected product development and scaling – ready to be launched.

You finalize launch preparation.

Our core team is fully committed to product development. Additional roles and skills can be added in accordance with your needs to reach the final desired version of a market-ready product.

Our deliverable: The product is ready for market!

Product improvements and maintenance – exceed customer expectations.

You define the ideal customer experience for your product or service.

Together with relevant stakeholders, our team validates the scope. Customer feedback is used to prioritize features to be implemented next. Product development teams continue to work on maintaining and upgrading the product.

Our deliverable: Constant improvements, efficient product updates, smooth data-driven maintenance.

Consumer Electronics


  • Self-service B2B
  • B2C portals and mobile apps
  • Microservices
  • Next-generation telco

Retail and logistics

Financial services

Cloud systems

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud migration
  • Technologies
  • Operations

Industrial automation

  • Sensor integration
  • Embedded solutions
  • Custom applications for MES and ERP systems
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for frequency converters

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