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  • Innovate with balanced product cost

  • Reduce product maintenance costs

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Looking for a more dynamic and sustainable way to launch new products?

Focus on your product or service launch, and let us take care of making the tech sustainable

We make products smarter with embedded software, sensors, and connectivity.

Proekspert helps you to release your new product

From product innovation concept to pre-production test

You’re the expert in making products. Our passion is making useful software and building modern interfaces that enhance the product user experience. By combining our tech skills and your industry experience we can help you bring your innovative next-gen product to the market so it’s cost-effective to manufacture.

How Proekspert supports you in your NPI process

Your step 1:

Solidify the plan

  • Identify requirements to complete the product concept
  • Set deadlines and define clear expectations

Proekspert contribution

  • For cost-effective innovation we help determine how to enhance the product with next-gen functionalities and design using modern IT technologies

Your step 2:

Determine feasibility

  • Model the product concept
  • Evaluate the design concept and marketability

Proekspert contribution

  • Research how to enhance or replace selected hardware component functionalities with easily scalable software
  • Test the design concept and customer experience of the digital part of the product

Your step 3:

Develop the product

  • Create and evaluate working prototypes of the product design
  • Test the prototypes with beta users as needed

Proekspert contribution

  • Develop prototypes.
  • Add sensors and connectivity for the product prototypes
  • Test products with beta users

Your step 4:

Run a pre-production test

  • Call for an engineering and design freeze, and prepare the molds and tools needed to manufacture the product
  • Perform a product validation test run to ensure the production will go smoothly before fabricating on a larger scale

Proekspert contribution

  • Support the NPI team with software upgrades

Our embedded solution development competencies

We help you design a quality product that users appreciate. We help you identify hardware functionality that can be replaced with efficient and scalable software. We help build the device. We add sensors and connectivity to the product. And last but not least, we make it possible to control the product and ensure it can be flexibly accessed from any device or API.

As an experienced embedded software development company, we build embedded platforms, apps, firmware, middleware, device drivers, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and complex embedded software solutions.

Product design and evaluation

We design the product HMI according to the end-user’s needs and environment. We test whether the product design concept meets its goals. We improve the design according to test feedback.

  • Hardware design
  • HMI – MHI
  • Physical user interface design
  • Product architecture
  • Product design
  • Usability testing
  • User interaction design
  • User interface facelift and modernization

Next-gen product hardware concept modelling

  • Embedded storage optimization
  • Hardware component optimization
  • Hardware design
  • Hardware protocol emulation
  • Legacy modernization

Embedded solution development

  • Control panel displays
  • Embedded AI
  • Embedded software design and development
  • Embedded software platform development
  • Multi language/region systems
  • RTOS / Embedded OS
  • Test automation for embedded systems

Sensors and connectivity development

We connect products, via communication protocols, with network or other devices. We integrate the product with sensors to read and collect environmental data.

  • Edge
  • Industrial and automation communication protocols
  • IoT devices
  • IoT platform development
  • Secured firmware update
  • Sensors

Device control solutions development

  • Dashboard design
  • HMIs – human machine interfaces
  • Industrial application UI design and development
  • Integration with enterprise and 3rd party systems and APIs
  • Kiosk interface design and development
  • Mobile app design and development
  • PC tools development
  • Web front-end design

Additional competencies

  • Third-party libraries / middleware
  • Data driven development
  • White labelling / OEM
  • DevOps
  • FPGA
  • DSPs
  • Pre-production testing
  • Certification testing

Why choose Proekspert as your product development partner?

Proekspert’s embedded software engineers love modularity and optimization. This has granted our clients the benefit of significant improvement in the efficiency of their products’ electronics and embedded software design. Our modular solutions help you innovate with balanced product cost, scale your product reach, and also reduce product maintenance costs.

Expanded product functionality through software optimization

Proekspert’s embedded software engineers build devices that are autonomous systems with monitoring and control capability.

Our engineers optimize device software and also replace hardware functionalities in the device with software so you can offer more functionality with the same hardware.

Future-proof network security through modularity

Product autonomy through sensor data and machine learning

Efficient product development through modularity and reuse

Smart, connected devices case studies

IoT-connected, software-enabled devices offer extraordinary business opportunities: recurring revenue, customer loyalty, and higher margins, to name just a few.

At Proekspert, we have demonstrable experience designing and developing software-enabled devices, equipment, products, and services.

Our case studies give an insight into various IoT projects and show crucial business benefits.

Read more about our clients’ successes.

What is connected product development?

A connected product is a device that is linked to another over the internet or cloud. Connected products share information concerning itself, its surrounding environment, and its users.

These products range from heavy industry, medical devices to smart products. All connected devices share data on their geographical location, their condition, and their usage.

The data that connected products share helps them work more efficiently, making their owners’ lives more comfortable and safer, and improving operations.

Connected product development is the process of enhancing, monitoring, and optimizing connected devices, simultaneously providing business intelligence data to improve a user experience.

Designing and connecting products involve significant expertise within a company organization to ensure that every product touchpoint is connected.

Ways we can collaborate

We tend to collaborate with our clients using one of these four models.

Consultancy services

We join your teams, where we add extra capacity and expertise. We see it as a first step towards partnership.

Nearshore project team

We are an extended team within your project. We usually take responsibility for a particular area or sub-project, and together with you, we build the solution. We use tools and methods to achieve efficiency and transparency.

One-stop-shop or turnkey

You focus on the business. We deliver the solution. We still keep you involved, and we drive the solution development as expected.

Long-term partnership & product lifecycle support

Why partner with Proekspert

Not too big, not too small

We are big enough to have solid experience with global companies, but we are small enough to provide an excellent customer experience.

Holistic product development and added value

We have experience in the full development cycle – from embedded systems to delivering compelling add-on digital services. This saves you time and money.

Trusted by global OEMs

Proekspert has been delivering next-gen product development projects for multiple global OEMs like Danfoss, Stiebel Eltron Group, Alliance.

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