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What is connected product development?

A connected product is a device that is linked to another over the internet or cloud. Connected products share information concerning itself, its surrounding environment, and its users.

These products range from heavy industry, medical devices to smart products. All connected devices share data on their geographical location, their condition, and their usage.

The data that connected products share helps them work more efficiently, making their owners’ lives more comfortable and safer, and improving operations.

Connected product development is the process of enhancing, monitoring, and optimizing connected devices, simultaneously providing business intelligence data to improve a user experience.

Designing and connecting products involve significant expertise within a company organization to ensure that every product touchpoint is connected.

The process of building a successful connected product

We’re experts at building user-centric products, so you can take it to market and start earning faster. To lower investment risks, we start with technology research and design validation, which serve as the basis for further product development. Major business value comes once the connected product is on the market and customer insight is used for constant product upgrades.


Initial investigation – what tech to use?

Technology stack for further development is confirmed.


Rapid prototyping – proving the hypothesis

Prototypes are built and tested, and the best option chosen.


MVP – delivering on the core value

The product is shipped and validated by loyal customers. Product requirements are adjusted accordingly.


Product development and scaling – ready to be launched

The product is ready for market!


Product improvements and maintenance – exceed customer expectations

Constant improvements, efficient product updates, smooth data-driven maintenance.

How we help

We build user-centric software products in the most optimal way so you can take it to market and start earning faster. From sales through delivery, we strive to help you succeed. Utilizing agile methodologies and efficient ways of working, we work in close cooperation and client-oriented focus. You can focus on your core business, and we will help you develop world-class digital solutions using the most modern technologies.

Embedded solutions

For over three decades, we have designed embedded systems, from bare metal 8-bit to embedded Linux applications, from Realtime systems to IoT cloud integration.
From concept to prototype to turnkey solution, we will help you with all the development stages, including testing.

  • Embedded software design
  • RTOS
  • FPGA
  • DSPs
  • Middleware
  • Industrial and automation communication protocols
  • Edge
  • Testing

Digital solutions

  • Mobile app development
  • Web development
  • Dashboard design
  • PC tools development
  • Legacy modernization
  • Integration with 3rd party systems

Cloud solutions

  • Cloud strategy
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud governance and security
  • Cloud-native development
  • Cloud management
  • Edge Cloud
  • Data storage and analytics

IoT solutions

At Proekspert, we love to build long-term product development partnerships with our customers. We design sensors and devices, and connect them via communication protocols. We design their data storage for Big Data and start collecting it. We build apps to visualize the data and for users to control and manage those devices.

  • Architecture design for an IoT solution
  • Hardware design
  • IoT platform development
  • UX/UI design for user app
  • IoT data strategy and data analytics
  • Integration with 3rd party APIs
  • Security Testing
  • Device Management

Smart, connected devices case studies

IoT-connected, software-enabled devices offer extraordinary business opportunities: recurring revenue, customer loyalty, and higher margins, to name just a few.

At Proekspert, we have demonstrable experience designing and developing software-enabled devices, equipment, products, and services.

Our case studies give an insight into various IoT projects and show crucial business benefits.

Read more about our customers’ successes.

Ways we can collaborate

We tend to collaborate with our clients using one of these four models.

Consultancy services

We join your teams, where we add extra capacity and expertise. We see it as a first step towards partnership.

Nearshore project team

We are an extended team within your project. We usually take responsibility for a particular area or sub-project, and together with you, we build the solution. We use tools and methods to achieve efficiency and transparency.

One-stop-shop or turnkey

You focus on the business. We deliver the solution. We still keep you involved, and we drive the solution development as expected.

Long-term partnership

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