Smart products and embedded solutions

Achieve scaled, smart, and connected product engineering more rapidly

We help companies develop next-gen connected devices and enhance them with services that grow customer value

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduced total lifetime cost

  • Reduced time to launch

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Having a connected, smart product is no longer a competitive advantage

Being “connected” or “smart” doesn’t excite anyone in the market anymore. Customers value different types of product experiences, but all increasingly want perfect integration of the digital and the physical. Out-of-date firmware or buggy software can stain the experience, regardless of the individual user’s unique expectations.

Don’t waste time on reinventing the tech: keep your team focused on business value

Our engineers enable you to achieve scaled, smart, and connected product engineering more rapidly resulting in improved productivity, reduced total lifetime cost and reduced time to launch.

We free you to focus on your core business and product attributes.

How we help

Proekspert bridges the gap between digital and physical

Proekspert smart products and embedded solutions enable companies to add new software features to a product after a device has been deployed in the field to improve functionality over time. You will be able to rapidly respond to bugs and security vulnerabilities without the need for physical recalls of devices or truck rolls. You’ll be able to provide online tools to seamlessly roll out new versions of device firmware, speeding up innovation cycles.

Build smart-, connected devices

Provide the foundation for the next generation of smart connected IoT devices.

  • Self-contained and modular monitoring and control systems.
  • Wired- or wireless networking connectivity of applications/ appliances to enable the device to work in or as a network.
  • Use of sensor data to detect patterns and enable edge devices and applications to adapt to new circumstances.
  • Upgrades and extensions for embedded device firmware (and develop tools that enable this job).

Case study: Real-time control of frequency converters

Connect devices to the cloud

Remote devices accessible and controllable from anywhere that save resources spent on service and operation.

  • Connect and keep your devices online 24/7: access and control device from anywhere over cloud. Operate, manage and configure online devices.
  • Operational insight and real-world diagnostic data to improve existing devices and prepare for next-gen products.
  • Online tools to upgrade device firmware remotely over cloud. (Raise product quality gradually and efficiently.)
  • Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring to provide in-time and relevant information on maintenance needs.

Case study: Cloud migration for a global partner

Grow customer value from services

Deliver valuable services, built on the connectivity, which would benefit the customers. Harness data for further feature development, future product iterations, and experiences personalized for users.

  • Customers purchase best-fit add-on services via automation and personalization (Next-service-to-buy suggestion model).
  • Drive customer purchases through ability to configure services and devices with intuitive end-user and admin interfaces.
  • Digitize repetitive tasks and processes to save time.
  • Gain improved understanding of new value proposition possibilities of your next-gen products.

Case study: CX modernization for a global partner

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