Proekspert awarded Responsible Business Forum recognition

Proekspert is one of 49 Estonian companies to receive Responsible Business Forum recognition.

Triin Sepp, Proekspert CEO, pictured center

This year, 49 companies and organizations received a quality label from Estonia’s Responsible Business Forum (Vastutustundliku Ettevõtluse Foorum in Estonian, or VEF). VEF recognizes organizations for their corporate social responsibility, those whose activities stand out in terms of environmental, social, and good governance. We are proud to have received a Bronze Label from VEF for the second time. VEF’s Responsible Business Index is a self-assessment tool, verified by third parties, that enables the comparison of a business’s activities to both a market standard and to the activities of its competitors.

The Responsible Business Forum unites companies that believe it’s important to act responsibly to ensure the sustainability and viability of their company, society, and state.

At Proekspert we: 

  • have formulated principles of responsibility for our company;
  • follow principles of equal treatment;
  • minimize digital waste.

The index methodology has been developed in cooperation with international experts. The evaluation takes into account the principles of the UN Global Compact, the ESG evaluation frameworks, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The index questionnaire is structured in such a way that it can be changed according to the development trends of the background system and the business environment. 

We are proud to be among those who received the award and are even happier that the number who receive the label grows every year, as more and more companies take measured steps to achieve their CSR goal.

The responsible company label gives us confidence and recognition that our company is moving in the right direction and we will contribute to the sustainable development of the Estonian economy,” says Triin Sepp, Proekpert`s CEO. “We certainly still have room for improvement, because today we have achieved the bronze level. It’s a good starting point to put even more effort into it and keep the aspect of sustainability in focus in our everyday work. In addition, I am pleased that the number of companies that have been recognized is growing. I wish good luck to all the nominated companies.

Read more (in Estonian) here:

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