Case study Digital services

Digitalizing money: Adding debit and credit cards to mobile devices

Client challenge

Coop Bank exclusively issues Mastercard brand cards. 

The client wanted to enable the bank’s customers to add debit and credit cards to mobile devices, including Google Wallet and Apple Wallet.


Java 11, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Vue.js & Vuetify, Microservices, Python for testing

Project duration

From November 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023.

Solution at a glance

The solution was to develop Mastercard MDES service support for the bank, especially services such as Payment Account Management API, Pre-digitization API and Customer Service API.


  • created a MDES pre-digitization service.
  • integrated the MDES pre-digitization service directly with Mastercard services.
  • developed customer support systems. 
  • developed an automated Mastercard Payment Account Management service.


A MDES pre-digitization service that allows authorization of debit- and credit card digitization requests. 

Coop has a solution integrated directly with Mastercard services without intermediate third-party services.

We developed customer support systems that allow customer support personnel to gain insight into the customer’s digitized cards and support customers throughout their journey in the world of digital payment cards.

Card issuers may seamlessly govern the lifecycle of physical payment cards (issue, close, and renew) without significantly impacting digitized cards. (This was enabled by the development of automated Mastercard payment account management services.)

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